On saturday we went to the drive in to see the batman. Since it was in maryland, I of course wanted to combine the experience with getting maryland crabs, which i really didnt know anything about. So i did research and called the best closest place. I asked them if i picked them up what would i need to eat them. They asked where I was going and I said the drive in. They laughed in my face.

So i got all prepared with a hammer and a tarp etc etc and had keara call and place the order while on our way. When we got to this hole in the wall they were awesome. I mentioned that we needed some paper and bibs if they had any and she laughed and

said "oh my! Today we had these people--"
"I am these people!".

So of course i promised to take pictures for them because they believed it was impossible, even though i told them about brooks bbq and oneonta drive in. When we got there you couldnt take pictures, so im currently of the mindset to draw and stick figure representation and put little crab stickers on it and send it to them.


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