barium is the watchword

yesterday I had a CT scan and had to drink barium, which i think poisoned me. I cam home and went to sleep and proceded to have the oddest dream ever.

over 5 years ago i had some dream where i made up a fictional Providence. There was a different waterfront, a different pawtucket, and a weird alternate green near the mausoleum with Corinthian columns and sculptures that do not exist. I haven't thought about this dream ever again.

Yesterday while napping i had another weird dream, in which the corner of clinton and stanton got an a train stop named "elder cleary" and piada began to enact a scheme for world domination. At some point in this dream, I drew a map of providence for someone so they could find a restaurant. Weirdest thing ever was, i drew a map of the *fictional* providence I had dreamed about 5 years prior.



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