Rational hatred of my stats course

1. Formatting is fun. Seriously, indenting can tell someone alot. Such as whether strong stationary, second order stationary, and weak stationary are three seperate things, or is second order are the secondary conditions you need to distinguish between stong and weak.

2. You CANNOT hand out notes on the Box-Pierce Ljung Stat, which has 3 seperate variables, none of which are defined, for amultitude of reasons
a. From what i surmise, she uses T to represent the number of observations when WE ARE STUDYING TIME SERIES. What would you think T was in that situation? Time? Maybe the same thing it had been for the last 20 pages?
b. None of this is in the text book. Either of them that we were required to buy for a million dollars
c. According to my college text book, and the internet (aka the equivalent of my 50K education), there is both a Box-Pierce and and Ljung -Box stat. So whichever do you mean?

I think my stats project would have been way more fun if i had modelled gumbo as a discrete choice model and tried to determine what geogrpahic factors contributed to them playing it.


Washington Square News - GSOC protests, 57 arrested

Washington Square News - GSOC protests, 57 arrested

at first i hoped it was my ta, but then i rememebred he didnt speak enough english to be chanting


I told ella i went to kenpo and she asked if that was the restaurant on St. Marks that serves cow penis.

Double True

Since theresa gets the new yorker magically delivered here, i can sometimes read while still boycotting its barfy war-centered liberalism. THey just had a new double issue on travels, which i think it best double issue ever. way better than when i was all excited to bring it on tour in 2000 and the "summer fiction issue" arrived the day before. god i was so bored.

Anyways, theres an article on mapping, and the alternative between itinerary mapping (like mapquest) that doesnt give youa sense of context of the surroundings, and god's view mapping, which basically makes you think for yourself. god forbid.

After quoting the lazy sunday SNL sketch to bolster mapping-as-the-zeitgeist, he compares directions from northern manhatten to long island, taken from the upper west- and upper east sides, merely q few blocks away.

"from the upper west side, mapquest, *snickering*, guides you to the Cross Bronx Expressway and then to the Throgs Neck. The Cross Bronx? These directions involve a disconcerting degree of noncontiguousness. Why cross a body of water at its widest possible point? Why even mess with the Bronx? You may as well stick a sandwich in your ear before putting it in your mouth."

I cant stop laughing at that. It also bears mentioning thatI recall my dad saying "never get on the cross bronx" but in my mind it somehow got stored right next to the guy in Apocalypse Now screaming "Never get off the boat".


havent posted much lately, on a home redoing tear sinc eim procrastinating. Its 5:48 and I havent started working yet, but I had one of those perfect me days because it was cold and rainy. I invited matt to kenpo and we met at home depot.* the New york City home depot holds al the darkest secrets of the city. Its like the place you would go toexpect the most fight the delivery/dry cleaning culture of the city, but in fact it may be the bastion of it. It was ominous when matt mentioned they dont actually cut would at this home depot, but that makes total sense, since i discovered its probably the least DIY place ever. Gone is the tall empty, and im told smelly, warehouse of plywood and its really nothing more than a huge home decorating store. not that im against that at this point because i still got some bronze knobs (park), and a green lampshade. but i mean the place is all white with huge (doric?) columns. infacts its where they actually filmed the FAO schwartz part of "big".

Then we went to kenpo. nice two hour class and we got to do some more sticks stuff. Im obsessed with sticks. Dad, if youre reading this, thats the next thing you'll be making me.

Afterwards, in the rain we walked to Chat and Chew to have a thanksgiving sandwich and mac and cheese. they played 80's music the entire time, now I just want to watch the goonies and not to stats. although id rather poke my eyes out with one of those berkeley street crossing flags than do stats, so i guess its not really chat n chew's fault.

* scarily my new love of redecorating and kenpo go hand in hand since the studio is on 28th and 6th, which brings me to big box world nearly every day.


study break

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Recursion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Other examples are recursive acronyms, such as GNU, PHP or TTP (Dilbert; 'The TTP Project')."

for adam robusto who 10 years ago was really botheres by SOS Office Supplies, where the SOS stood for SOS office supplies.


one of the many reasons corey is my hero

A Yankee Victory, a Loss for the Fans (3 Letters) - New York Times: "A Yankee Victory, a Loss for the Fans (3 Letters)

To the Editor:

Re 'Yankees Win, 44-3 and 45-2, as Council Approves Stadium' (news article, April 6):

Deep in my heart, I was hoping this day would never come. It is truly a loss for baseball fans the world over, and for all New Yorkers, that Yankee Stadium, a monument etched in the history of our city and country, is in its last days.

Just stepping inside always sends shivers down my spine, evoking thoughts of the countless events, names and faces that have thrilled millions of people for the past 80 years. Not to mention the overwhelming sense that I, too, am part of that story just by being there.

I regret that I am too young to have set foot in the old Penn Station; I wish we had learned our lesson then. We should embrace our past, and commit to stop destroying the beautiful edifices that are testament to it.

Corey ******
New York, April 6, 2006"


So i overdosed on adderol and wrote a million pages of my paper. but then my head hurt too much to go out to a bar with my remaining non-law school sfriends (though ill see them tomorrow for lake trout).

So i walked to the corner to get a beer to put me to sleep and decided to reorganize my paper. And then i tried to figure out what music sounded like butter. Typical with my consistency, i wound up listenign to hot tuna and jj cale. 5 is still the best album ever made.


Sadly, when someone inquires "how are things going?" my answers have become limited to "I am writing my thesis" or "ive been going to karate", depending on the audience. I think I may change stuff up a bit and begin answering with "I like peanut butter." Though that in reality may be as moot as saying "I want to paint that brown".

I just tried to footnote that last statement. Dumb blogger.

Dano as a South Park Character


the only brokeback parody ive seen

thought ive heard theres alot. and a movie.

YouTube - Pylea Mountain

Beautiful Confusion

dwshih: you entire life is like a ride across british columbia
no plateaus

ever ever ever

manianosmia: ok
manianosmia: something very weird just happened
manianosmia: since i go through periods wher ei cant listen to biscuits
manianosmia: and then im listenign to it
manianosmia: and im listenign to one of my favorites
manianosmia: but i like forgot its esixted
manianosmia: and i was so fucked up
manianosmia: and they played my fantasy setlist (like on purpose for me)
manianosmia: and at one point i was so fucked up i screamed "why ar eyou doing this to me"
manianosmia: and barber was like "hi jaimee, having a good time" (the lead guitarist)
manianosmia: and i forgot all about it
manianosmia: not only that, i forgot that it was ON THE TAPES
manianosmia: so im listeing and im like wow this is awesome
manianosmia: and i didnt remember that they were goign to play all my favorite songs
manianosmia: and it came on and i got all excited
manianosmia: and then i was like someones screaming
manianosmia: and then i was like "OH YEAH, ITS ME!"


Chris Calarco!

manianosmia: i threw out all my silver clothes
manianosmia: i threw out my past
manianosmia: WAHH
YimmyM: craziness
YimmyM: out with the clothes, in with the highlighters
manianosmia: hahaha
manianosmia: so sad but so so true

radiator, why you given off that heat

wow i never realized how dumb that line was.

While i have to say i enjoy the aspect of writing the paper that lets me listen music constantly, i may have gone to far. After a day of beatles and floyd (thanks law revue) ive fell down the spiral staircase and am now listening to the biscuits. Plan C infact. ouch.

I had that IM conversation with erica, one of those where she replies every 15 minutes, where at first i was like "im listenign to biscuits. wow. why dont i listen to this more often" then 15 minutes later: "I think im having and emotional breakdown". Erica said shed just figured shed just wait it out until i remembered that was why.

yancy told me that in a fit of depression he started watchign smallville and BSG. Im screwed.


the makers mark bottle i dipped in kentucky

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helter skelter

My colloquim has fucked with my head. It has caught me precisely in the transient intellectual world in which i live. Which is an incredibly wonderful thing. When i actually had a live and dreams and hopes I came here to do a dual degree to balance these two halves of me. Up until this course they had both been developing into intesnse opinionated righteousness in two paralell tracks of contempt. This is probably why I was so miserable all the time.

in a pithy summation of what we deal with every week, our teacher was contrasting the economics papers we read, which are incredibly light on prescriptive points, and the policy papers we read, which wallow in their judgement while lacking mostly in description. It so easy to view each of them in side their own educational bubble, but in reality they are useless without each other. Which is pretty much how i feel about my two schools, one an endless self-righteous rhetoric that may as well be a game of poker. The other a myopic world of that is continually blue-balled by having a girlfriend that only ever lets is get to intellectual second base.

my head is going to explode.