helter skelter

My colloquim has fucked with my head. It has caught me precisely in the transient intellectual world in which i live. Which is an incredibly wonderful thing. When i actually had a live and dreams and hopes I came here to do a dual degree to balance these two halves of me. Up until this course they had both been developing into intesnse opinionated righteousness in two paralell tracks of contempt. This is probably why I was so miserable all the time.

in a pithy summation of what we deal with every week, our teacher was contrasting the economics papers we read, which are incredibly light on prescriptive points, and the policy papers we read, which wallow in their judgement while lacking mostly in description. It so easy to view each of them in side their own educational bubble, but in reality they are useless without each other. Which is pretty much how i feel about my two schools, one an endless self-righteous rhetoric that may as well be a game of poker. The other a myopic world of that is continually blue-balled by having a girlfriend that only ever lets is get to intellectual second base.

my head is going to explode.


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