i have no antitrust beliefs

Oligopoly Watch: "On the face of it, the acquisition of BellSouth would seem to violate every rule of antitrust and the history of the industry and its regulators. But clearly AT&T's strategy will be one of redefining market segments."

Seriously, i have no beliefs in any direction. do you hear that corporate world, you love me! I am equally enamored with the idea of pushing the incipiency doctrine, which would greatly raise merger enforcement, and the idea that AT&T is gladly fulfilling its manifest destiny at the behest of the previous great *triumphs* of the regulators, The baby bells and the telecom act.

My only wish is that they were eating verizon instead of bell south, because ive always had a sorta crush on bell south, but thats akin to when my brother would use me to seed basketball teams in the ncaa tournament he would play in the den with himself, and i would choose by uniform.

Let me explain how i choose favorites: one of two ways. Either ABSOLUTELY ARBITARILY, or in concert with one of the larger themes that govern my life (industrialism, recursivity, infrastructure, all things shire).

Don and Erin learned this quickly when 20 years later they were asking for my NCAA picks and Erin wisely observed that I was obvioulsy rooting for the Thomas and Mack center.*

* the UNLV arena, where phish plays. terribly. except the 10.30.98 stash>manteca>tweezer.**

** we gave this phish kid a ride home from biloxi and now im exploding with phish knowledge. Right after i was complaining that my brain was full, and probably because i have more phish knowledge that i forgot the access code to than most people ever have knowledge in general. But then i found the key.***

***hows that for nesting suckah!


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