my brain is full

enough electronics already! its madness. i had to buy another laptop. My phone is too big and plays mp3's for some reason. which i dont need because i had to buy a new ipod and if you want any space you need to get fucking video. So now i have a video ipod that doesnt fit in my case and an old one with a broken click wheel that only lets me listen to 2 skinnee j's and is esssentially a backup drive. and i have like 19 cameras. the new one, the slr, bill and reesa's and my old one. but im gonna trad emy new one for my moms new ones to take pictures of rust in nola. so NO MORE...i mean, after i fix my dat deck. thank god i dont own a tv.


At 8:34 AM, Blogger Daphne said...

Want to buy my TV?


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