my friend the cheesesteak

So i have a standing Wednesday date with Mike where we have dinner and watch lost. And all mike eats is crap. He spent all summer ordering cheesesteaks to the office. He has theorized that southern fried steak is like the thing in kill bill, when you get up from eating your 40th one in your life, you die as soon as you walk away from the table.

So i called him today and suggested that i cook dinner instead, somethign healthy. somehow, by the end of the conversation he had convinced me to cook cheesesteaks folloiwng the pat's recipes. he should be in law school, someone in ELJ suggested (he is, but brooklyn). I guess hte truth is more that i admire exuberance and grandiose plans/adventures that are based on ludicrousity (probably not a word).

So we made cheesesteaks, that were wonderful, but defeated us. We ate thema and watched Shaun of the Dead (so funny) and gave each other cheesy face hi-fives.

and now, the midwest response to Chronic-what-cles of Narnia:
Lazy Muncie: The Midwest Response

This mornign in corporations, i was paying no attention and geoff kept referencing me. He said "and then the punctillio of the partnerhsip will rust , and we dont like rust, right jaimee?" me, not paying attention and understanding the clue, was like "right, we don tlike rust". What a minute, I LOVE RUST!!!!


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