why old friends rock

Ive been having trouble recently articulating a particularly abstract personality trait that i find annoying. I try to explain it to people who kno what Im referring to, and they're clueless and I seem petty.

So today in my A paper manic state i talked to Daniel for an hour. And i tried to explain it to him, a complete outsider.

Me: mumbles incoherently for a while and the AHA. "hey remember when we got in a fight outside that bar 9 years ago in rural rhode island?"
Daniel: "where you insulted the bartenders livelihood?"
Me: "Exactly! I cant even remember anything about it but the phrase 'insulted his livelihood'"
Daniel: "You were asking him about the pictures from when he was a WWF wrestling referee"
Me: "But Im me! Of course I was interested."
Daniel: "With strong undertones of mockery"
Me:"YES! I am living in a perpetual state of being you in that fight!"

Patronizing. One of those words that so hard to zero in on but when you do its perfect. Like endearing.


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