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A Yankee Victory, a Loss for the Fans (3 Letters) - New York Times: "A Yankee Victory, a Loss for the Fans (3 Letters)

To the Editor:

Re 'Yankees Win, 44-3 and 45-2, as Council Approves Stadium' (news article, April 6):

Deep in my heart, I was hoping this day would never come. It is truly a loss for baseball fans the world over, and for all New Yorkers, that Yankee Stadium, a monument etched in the history of our city and country, is in its last days.

Just stepping inside always sends shivers down my spine, evoking thoughts of the countless events, names and faces that have thrilled millions of people for the past 80 years. Not to mention the overwhelming sense that I, too, am part of that story just by being there.

I regret that I am too young to have set foot in the old Penn Station; I wish we had learned our lesson then. We should embrace our past, and commit to stop destroying the beautiful edifices that are testament to it.

Corey ******
New York, April 6, 2006"


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