radiator, why you given off that heat

wow i never realized how dumb that line was.

While i have to say i enjoy the aspect of writing the paper that lets me listen music constantly, i may have gone to far. After a day of beatles and floyd (thanks law revue) ive fell down the spiral staircase and am now listening to the biscuits. Plan C infact. ouch.

I had that IM conversation with erica, one of those where she replies every 15 minutes, where at first i was like "im listenign to biscuits. wow. why dont i listen to this more often" then 15 minutes later: "I think im having and emotional breakdown". Erica said shed just figured shed just wait it out until i remembered that was why.

yancy told me that in a fit of depression he started watchign smallville and BSG. Im screwed.


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