Rational hatred of my stats course

1. Formatting is fun. Seriously, indenting can tell someone alot. Such as whether strong stationary, second order stationary, and weak stationary are three seperate things, or is second order are the secondary conditions you need to distinguish between stong and weak.

2. You CANNOT hand out notes on the Box-Pierce Ljung Stat, which has 3 seperate variables, none of which are defined, for amultitude of reasons
a. From what i surmise, she uses T to represent the number of observations when WE ARE STUDYING TIME SERIES. What would you think T was in that situation? Time? Maybe the same thing it had been for the last 20 pages?
b. None of this is in the text book. Either of them that we were required to buy for a million dollars
c. According to my college text book, and the internet (aka the equivalent of my 50K education), there is both a Box-Pierce and and Ljung -Box stat. So whichever do you mean?


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