havent posted much lately, on a home redoing tear sinc eim procrastinating. Its 5:48 and I havent started working yet, but I had one of those perfect me days because it was cold and rainy. I invited matt to kenpo and we met at home depot.* the New york City home depot holds al the darkest secrets of the city. Its like the place you would go toexpect the most fight the delivery/dry cleaning culture of the city, but in fact it may be the bastion of it. It was ominous when matt mentioned they dont actually cut would at this home depot, but that makes total sense, since i discovered its probably the least DIY place ever. Gone is the tall empty, and im told smelly, warehouse of plywood and its really nothing more than a huge home decorating store. not that im against that at this point because i still got some bronze knobs (park), and a green lampshade. but i mean the place is all white with huge (doric?) columns. infacts its where they actually filmed the FAO schwartz part of "big".

Then we went to kenpo. nice two hour class and we got to do some more sticks stuff. Im obsessed with sticks. Dad, if youre reading this, thats the next thing you'll be making me.

Afterwards, in the rain we walked to Chat and Chew to have a thanksgiving sandwich and mac and cheese. they played 80's music the entire time, now I just want to watch the goonies and not to stats. although id rather poke my eyes out with one of those berkeley street crossing flags than do stats, so i guess its not really chat n chew's fault.

* scarily my new love of redecorating and kenpo go hand in hand since the studio is on 28th and 6th, which brings me to big box world nearly every day.


At 9:54 PM, Anonymous pete moss said...

your in luck, pooch...dad was reading...need stick dimensions, length and thickness...still waitin on the mirror too...so ive been workin on the chairs...love


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