Yahoo! News - You're Drunk...who You Gonna Call?

Yahoo! News - You're Drunk...who You Gonna Call?

elynn 1227: i want to go to the middle of PA and re-meet you
manianosmia: we all listenign to the 3.13.92 providence phish show
manianosmia: AWWW
elynn 1227: "hi! you look like you are from long island"
elynn 1227: "you too!"
manianosmia: we can remee tthis weekend
manianosmia: dude
elynn 1227: "i hav ea funny name spelled wrong becuase my parents are crazy"
manianosmia: dinner and a movie>divided sky> mound>fluffhead
elynn 1227: "wow! do you like old navy"

elynn 1227: "yes! lets go to the next shows together even tho i just met you"
elynn 1227: "ok!"
elynn 1227: "can i have your toiletry case to use for taping equipment"
elynn 1227: "no"
elynn 1227: "ok we'll work on that"
manianosmia: HAHAHAHAHA

MeSoYancy: mischievous neutral chaotic firebrand! that's the best ever. how can you resist such nomenclature???

in *sayreville*, when redacted ewas tryign to get me to do nitrous he was like "cmon it tastes like a tort!"

previous comments in memorium

Loving the crazy. Loving the mean. Making lots of outlines. Ice skating seaon for real now. Big Ben


PT | Disco Biscuits | Message Board | I had a great time last night!

PT | Disco Biscuits | Message Board | I had a great time last night!

ScariellaStok: oh my god yancy is so gay
manianosmia: HAHAH
manianosmia: greatest opening line ever
manianosmia: why
ScariellaStok: YantacyBisco
Posted: 11/29/04 9:41AM ET

carla: jaimee said you refused to meet me. when i pushed the point and introduced myself anyway, it was clear from your attitude she wasn't kidding. then she mocked me for the rest of the night for not listening to her.

laura: didn't know you had a nemesis currently. that sucks. i hate bisco nemeses. i would've definitely waited until setbreak to say hi to carla, but i know she isn't around by then.

on the plus side, i finally met bryan belyea. he may still despise me, but man that guy's a civil, friendly hater.


let it bleed

manianosmia: so
manianosmia: if i told you that in honor of the last biscuits show i let someone blow lines off my breats
manianosmia: how would you feel
Sitkoff: sup
Sitkoff: hahahahahahahahahaha
Sitkoff: hahahahahaa
Sitkoff: i hope it was magner
manianosmia: HAHAHA
manianosmia: that so full circle
manianosmia: in vegas
manianosmia: we had to cplit pills and we each had to shar with a band member
manianosmia: and max was like "im sharing with magner!"
manianosmia: which we all thought was hialrious

so we went to the probably last biscuits show.

1. we wrealized we made it a social test for people. unknownigly. like we were lookign fro finality. for people to pass or fail. yancy was like the honor sutdent you found out had been cheating for his entire academic career. tom bozzo, the untold hero.
2. i think the porblem with the biscuits scene is twofold. firstly, bad intentions. everyone wants to look at everythign in the worst light. secondly, false morality.
3. people form the social groups just cant successfully mingle. it slike snipers up on the bowers. theres just no way.
4. vapes stiles
5. somehow we threw ice into a clamoring crowd.
6. i don tactually care what any of those people say. to the point that when laura said the venue had many rooms, ariella and i blurted out "so many places to be sketchy"/

manianosmia: i tint kthe point was they werent
manianosmia: thats why i have no clue what to write down fo rit
coreymgoodman: yeah - or where to put it
coreymgoodman: i'm tossing it under the reliance damages section
manianosmia: haphazardly just tossing it about, with no regard as to its feelings
manianosmia: you man you
coreymgoodman: fuck it
coreymgoodman: it's never given me anything but heartache


coreymgoodman: yeah - or where to put it
coreymgoodman: i'm tossing it under the reliance damages section
manianosmia: haphazardly just tossing it about, with no regard as to its feelings
manianosmia: you man you
coreymgoodman: fuck it
coreymgoodman: it's never given me anything but heartache


Yesterday i had a valium and an ice cream sundae on rt 28. The sundae was create your own with peanut butter cause, caramel, and marshmallow available. And i stood there in front of gaping mouths while i let the peanut butter fall endlessly, all slow and gloppy. And I too, all slow and gloppy.


If I didn't know anything about tDB

PT | Disco Biscuits | Message Board | If I didn't know anything about tDB: "just had an internal debate and discussion with someone else whether to heed your advice, ill, and approach this juncture with luv and thanx, or to give in to disease and let it bleed. not to diss on your positivity but i think i'm inclined to the latter. so i plan to, as suggested by cohort:
-let it bleed
-get trashed
-be a whore
-feel dirty
-hate on magner
-punch 'redacted' in the face
-hustle tickets to that shit "



so on saturday night i worked the coatcheck at Tribeca. This happened because Ariella's sister workit usually and we kinda worked out a deal for me to sub. So ariella and i went together, and it turned out to be the most fun ever.

They put us a little purple room next to the "green room". We brought our laptops so we could work. I was working on torts, she was writing a novel, i kept telling people we were plotting to take over the world. This came in handily since we could also listen to music when the bands sucked or werent playing.

It started off as a normal thingg, with us being sorta jokey and flirty with this guy who kept walking by.

He stopped to talk to us and he said "youre not going to be able to see me?" and we said "are you in a band" and he said "we're Tons of Chill!" And of course we found this the funniest thing ever. And then they began to play, and they were super good, and we kept taking turns to watch them. And hten we decided to be obsessed with them. And ht ecute guy played the bass.

So now we're all silly and we begin to hustle down at the coast check. I need to mention that this was extremely lucrative because it was pouring rain and there were three unrelated bands playing that night. We started pyutting up signs like "will (*^*& for tips.", "We wil load music on your ipod for 1$ per album", etc etc. and everyone of course loved us, because we're us. We loaded tons of chill onto some guys ipod who hadnt even seen the show...



manianosmia: equitable subordination
manianosmia: how sick is that
elynn 1227: that sounds HOT


dream job 2

The New York Jets News: "Aponte, 32, is starting her 13th year with the Jets, and most recently served as Salary Cap Analyst/Pro Personnel Assistant the past two seasons. Aponte owns the distinction of being one of the highest-ranking female football executives in the National Football League. A 1993 graduate of the University of Delaware and a registered C.P.A., Aponte recently completed her law school course work at the New York Law School. She also received her Master�s degree in finance and management from Wagner College on her native Staten Island. Nepomuceno, 22, joins the Jets on a full-time basis after having served a variety of roles within the organization, including ball boy (summers of 1998 and 1999), an equipment department intern (2000), and most recently as a pro personnel intern during the summer of 2002. A native of Flushing, Queens, Nepomuceno currently makes his home in Queens Village, New York. He is a 2002 graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in sports management and marketing. "

Tons of Chill

Tons of Chill


Mount Baldy Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Mount Baldy Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore


manianosmia: im beginnign to find outlining incredibly theraputic
manianosmia: that
manianosmia: or like im addicted to it and when im not doing it i have withdrawel

i just found that restatement 365 is te public policy restatement: that you can invalidate a a contract is its not in the public interest (easy description). I htink im gonna make bumper stickers that say (section symbol) 365 and sell them in front of schoo.


most pathetic aspect of

Hello All,

On behalf of the Management Communications TAs here at
Anderson we would like you to distribute the following
invitation to your sections. It is for a Sports
Metaphor workshop we're holding next Monday, Nov. 8 in
D301 during the lunch hour.

With phrases such as 'swinging for the fences,'
'slam dunk,' and 'blocking and tackling' pervasive in
business today, it is more important than ever
that those involved in business understand these
phrases and their nuances. Monday's session will shed
light on these and other common sports phrases in
a light-hearted environment. Students are invited
to bring their lunches.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to
answer them. Thank you!"


currier and ibes

IM GONNA BE IN AN ICE SHOW. yes im screaming. ok, so theres gonna be a bunch of us bit players and all. But we get to wear costumes!!! i think the theme is classic ice skating, so we get muffs and top hat.

The only catch is that its the same day as my contrats exam, and les simportantly the same day as my brothers birthday. the exam is an 8 hour take home exam. Which means if i begin at 9 I would finish at 5 and the show is at 7. Gillian said she went to the gym in the middle of hers. Which seems like something i would do. Or i would like drive to philly for a show or something. Same difference.

On a side note, im going on lake trout tour from the 2-5, though one show is in NY.


ariellas missed conneciton

7 train hottie in suit every morning to work - w4m

oompah loompah land

Poll quesiton of the week:

What does loompah land look like? Im talking geographically. seaside or lang locked? tropical or tiaga? etc etc.
someone elses answer

so we looked it up and it said wasteland. but thats what willy wonka said. he said he saved them from their wasteland and the pernicious knids. i think its all a front to justify him kidnapping them to use them as slave labor. I think loompah land is a south pacific island. I also think that the loompahs are held captive in the matzoh factory on rivington and suffolk.

manianosmia: you know ive been thinking about htis for about 14 hours
wendileigh1: what an incredible waste of time

literary intellectual porn

ok ok ok i know that *everything* make me hot but the one hour contracts review was like spoken word beuaty. it was like reading VOX.

manianosmia: contracts review
manianosmia: seriously
manianosmia: hottest ever
snockday: oh man.
manianosmia: you ahve no clue
snockday: do you get more contracts next semester?
manianosmia: horny at ten am
manianosmia: NO
manianosmia: they made it shorter
snockday: bummer.
manianosmia: dude
manianosmia: this is INTENSE
manianosmia: its like spoken word
snockday: you mean like def poetry?
manianosmia: YES
manianosmia: oh my
manianosmia: well
manianosmia: liek someone reading literary porn
snockday: i'm quitting my job in washington heights tomorrow.
snockday: it's going to be a scene. i'm so excited.
manianosmia: WHOA
manianosmia: i cant talk noe
manianosmia: in half an hour
manianosmia: talk
snockday: ok.
manianosmia: i want to watch
manianosmia: contract has to be in consideration of marriage not merely in contemplation of it
manianosmia: beautiful
snockday: yeah. that's not making me hot.
manianosmia: are you kdding
manianosmia: contemplations of it
manianosmia: what the fuck
manianosmia: its like sweet nothigns
manianosmia: and entire course of sweet nothigns that comprise meaning
snockday: i don't know what's wrong with me, then...
manianosmia: HAHA
manianosmia: im so fucked
manianosmia: seriously
manianosmia: im insane
manianosmia: 3 more topics
manianosmia: cant deal
manianosmia: so hot
snockday: you're so weird.
manianosmia: dude
manianosmia: a. When the existence of a later, usually written agreement, renders prior agreements or promises unenforceable.
manianosmia: it wears its rationale on its face
manianosmia: thats my favorite
snockday: i'd much rather read about men who cut off their own arms. now that's hot.
manianosmia: the worst part of that is that he had biug in his head the entire time
snockday: the song convinced him that it doesn't matter if he cuts his arm off.
snockday: the next song lines were from string cheese.
manianosmia: HAHAHAHAHAH
manianosmia: are you serious
snockday: yup. it identified the song though--i wouldn't have known otherwise.

In sequal. i think thsat this may be the actal expericne that drives me crazt. in know ive been embracing it recently and all, but that was it. everything said in this review made so much sense to me seriously and i am now too hto to concentrate...

oh and this morning i got up at 6am. i just woke up then with a huge need to listen to squares by Beta Band. ihavent listening to that in years. at 6am. And then i was awake and loving it.

oh, have i mentioned that yancy basically looks like prof. murphy. i live in a tangled world.

: eveyrone i know os so mind fucked by it
: i feel just fucked

Life and death of our neighborhood bar

I cant believe i forgot to chronical this....

When i first moved in, i had to park my car alittle ways east where hipsters dont trod. When walkign to the car and back, i kept passing a bar called nuez, that was one block east of us. It looked hipsterrific like every other place around here, jst a little small. There were always about 5 hispanis people in it (our neighborhood was mexican before gentrification, but then again jewish before that). Basically, me being me thought it was a drug front.

So then i had this "date" with the guy from the great woods parkign lot. which was obviously absurd cause, you know, i met him in a parking lot and all. So it was absurd enough to warrent a really dirty vodka martini beforehand (and 17 during). So i went to the bar and wound up tellign the lonely/needy bartender the entire story. Her name was stephanie and i liked her. She was spunky and had the strangest mullet type haircut and was, by virture of being from florida, a little off.

She told me that the bar had just opened (as in when we moved in) and was tryingt o find its groove.* So she mentions ahta thteyde be open for peope to spin, and since plant bar no longer functioned and boom salon was hungry, i suggested Josh. Cause, you know, I have this habit of helping people i dont much like**

So they start the infamous every other monday at nuez. Which was fnu, but never properly promoted. Then josh got ariella involved, although she never seemed to spin. And hten monday night football started and josh would never let me hav ethe tv on. And then i found 10cent wings at croxleys. I would go to Nuez for the first half of the game and then over to croxley's. And then all hell broke loose.

Theres this guy i know that i guess i have been dating for about 6 years now. And i mean dating in the laxest sense of the word. But i mean, we've never lived in the same city, and now we do, around the corner from each other. lets call him mike, since everyone is named mike. So anyways, mike starts comign to the monday nights, and gets fairly obsessed with stephanie the bartender. He keeps getting durnk and asking me to have a threesome. I say no.

So one week we are there and he is leaving for alittle while and asking me where ill be in an hour. after getting me to promise ill be reachable, he turns around and says "dont get attached" and i remember why i never seriously wanted to date him. *** Then i sit at the bar exasperated and staphanie buys me a drink. she says "where did your friend mike go? he just asked me out and then left before i answered...." My forehead went straight to the bar at that point.

the party continued to rage and apparently they started letting us take over some rules. Later that evening there are about 9 people at my house at 1am (because this was the period where we thought we were in college/crack den). Mike comes back, and tries to get us to go back to the bar where no one currently rages. He leaves at 2, we're sure to go find stephanie.

Hte next day out of curiosity and duty, i go back over to pay stepahnie for the drink she had bought me. Shes not there. hmmm. they say "she doesnt work on tuesdays." Ok that may be true, but i should point out shes never not been there before. And she wasnt there the day before. We're convinced that mike killed her via sex...or something.**** Later on in that week, Ariella gets a call from her with suggestions for the monday night party that "sounds like she was crazy or on ludes or something"

So heres the thing *SHES NEVER THERE AGAIN*. Seriously. The next monday (the party is every other monday) we have a party, which i think will be the last. Theres another bartender. Apparently the bar has spies or somethign or the owners peeps who harras josh and ariella after i leave. I dont really know what happens cause i was trashed and having my own little adventure.

So yesterday is yet another monday. Mike is still obsessed with the bar. Im still at croxleys even though they suck. He calls and asks why Nuez is dead. Ii tell him the party is every other week. He says, no, its closed. Huh. We go by, and its closed, which in NYC is symbolically sealed shut with a metal gate and huge padlocks.

Good riddance because things were getting incestuous.

*(it shall be noted that basically all the heards turned the corner at stanton and clinton and this bar was one block east at stanton and *attorney*.
**see my efforts to get chris lacey laid
***maddeningly inconsistant
****only partially true since he actually called me at 10am the following morning


todya is the day

whilst today is actually kind a crappy because i had distrubing phone calls at 3:30, it is also the day when it all come stogether.

we are playign football in the rain and its 40 degrees. and im playing 4 games because every team needs my violent ways, they do not even know....

Lake trout tour...so much better than admin

DecemberWed 01 ... New York City .. Tribeca Rock Club16 Warren Street212-766-1070http://www.tribecarockclub.com/$12 / 18+**Special all instrumental ambient-rock showwith an accompanying digital light show by the NYU class "Public Art in City"

Thur 02 ... Harrisburg, PA ... Gullifty's UndergroundCedar Cliff Mall717-761-6692http://www.parocks.com/gulliftys/$10 / 21+Doors 8:00The Underwater 9:00LAKE TROUT 10:00

Fri 03 .. Philadelphia, PA … North by Northwest7165 Germantown AvenuePhone: 215-248-1000http://www.nxnwphl.comTickets: $10Ages: 21 and OverDoors: 10:00 pmLAKE TROUT: 10:30 pm and 11:50 pm (2 sets)

Sat 04 .. West Chester, PA … Rex’s344 West Gay StreetPhone: 610-696-7769http://www.rexsbar.comTickets: $10Ages: 21 and overDoors: 9:30 pmSupport: TBALAKE TROUT: 11:00 pm

the conflicted nature of june 22

my last 4 text messages, in reverse order:

"are you out with law school kids? where yall at?"

"interpol afterparty. come!"

"watchin OC alone"



"Dungeons and Dragons has different ways of classifying characters. There's alignment (good, evil and neutral) and then there's the general state of being (orderly, chaotic, neutral). You're a Neutral Chaotic. But you're not really evil"

Sorry Everybody

Sorry Everybody

beyond its politics...just damn fascinating...

Sitkoff: hahahah biscuits = NULL


yesterday someone told me i was obsessed with law school. and i am


so im out of conrtol. btw. just so you know. i need to figure out life maintenance stat. anyways...on to my point.

im listneing to the JM2 show. And heres my newst musical analogy. Its like the 11.2.01 seattle RunLolaRunLikeHell. I knwo we said it was the bes thtign since seattle. but it *is* seattle. But the evil seattle. whereas seattle was everyhting good and pure. I had somewhat the same experiences at both shows* but it was true. it was light an dgood and fun and life affirming in seattle. And hten at JM2 it was dark. and evil. and mean. but alluring none the less. like differnet sides of the same coin. And i feel like the effect on my life will be the same..

* ok ok so i didnt *see* alot of the seattle show but i *am* the seattle show...

this conversation makes me look so guilty but whatever

MeSoYancy: like "stacey lacey" would be terrible
manianosmia: HAHAHAH
manianosmia: ehh
manianosmia: it woul dbe ok in like..oklahoma
MeSoYancy: they could name their kid "john wayne lacy"
manianosmia: HAHAHA

i bought a pair of pointy toe kitten heels.

when i read civ pro my brain feels like ashton kutcher in the butterfly effect.

I tried to explain how monday was the new thursday and someone pointed out that makes tuesday the new friday. and htne i got so trashed that i couldnt tell between minn and idny, and spent 4-6 am awake watcign the commentary to eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.


manianosmia: im insane
manianosmia: seriously
elynn 1227: we know that
manianosmia: im so into crazy right now
elynn 1227: you cant even smell trouble
manianosmia: im in love iwth my crazy ta
manianosmia: HAHAH
manianosmia: how long have you been waiting to say that
elynn 1227: TWO DAYS
elynn 1227: AT LEAST
manianosmia: you just sit around and wait to say blogible things
elynn 1227: its like scrabble
elynn 1227: with the q and the z and a hurtin' for a triple word score opportunity

compensatory analysis

i think about htis recent social quagmire and suddlenly im wondering what damages i could get in court.

Expectation damages - well, i wasnt really promised anything. I wasnt expecting anything more than exactly what i got, so it seems ok there

reliance damages - am i any worse off than when i started. no not at all. all the people who screwed me over were people i hated and didnt trust anyways. in that was im better off.

restitution - was there unjsut enrichment? herein lies the issue. I dont feel that way, like mad at him at all. Can i please joinder a third party into this suit? I don thtink i can get a third parties unjust enrichment. So i guess there were no damages. hey, sick.


mania wont go away. Worked late until the night on paper for school listening to gangsta rap and am now in a better mood than ever. And need to play football soon.







back again

so las tnight was the apex of the manic episode...

i had a little study group with kris and bill and laura lookign on. I was going nuts. I was like throwing things and and everything was hilarious. i mean cmon, if you start working the word "waldo" into latin torts phrases such as res ipsa waldo loquitor...its a laugh riot. Bill kept yellign at me because i got the hand formula and the terry balancing formula confused..thinking that *the hand had five prongs because its a hand*. seriously, how could things be funnier than law school.

So then i went out with this guy i met on sunday. It was so insane, which i guess i should have foreseen since his pt name is loco. but itwas great, because after spenign abotu 3 weeks not being able to focus on anything...it finally broke me. YAY! now i can get back to focusing on the schoo and my intellectual mastery.

and hten this morning it was really cold out. and i was happy...

Sitkoff: your favorite state blew it!
manianosmia: i know!
manianosmia: i was so sad
Sitkoff: yes
Sitkoff: thats why its cold and raining here now

: its cold here too
manianosmia: aww
Sitkoff: 4 years cold + rain


me:: i should be made to have bed rest and watch pg movies
elynn 1227: NO NOT PG!
elynn 1227: you should be made to watch made-for-tv movies
elynn 1227: like "kates secret"
manianosmia: "not without my daighter"
elynn 1227: or "not without my "AHAnhaAHGA
elynn 1227: yes
manianosmia: HAHAHAH
elynn 1227: maybe *i* should be confined to bedrest


Recline247: seriously, i'm gonna have a taser b4 i see you next

i am hardcore. maybe its lack of time. maybe its NY. obviously its a predelection. But i cant stop. Ive become even more intense. I am intensely into school work, and everythign seems ot spawn some huge debate in my head that keeps me form sleeping.

I got out constantly. Cause im never sleeping. And so i donyt go out and tlak about law school, i get so drunk. I was durnk for four days this weekend. granted there were 4 days of halloween. starting with our formal on thursday. theni tried to just watch a movie on fridya and was out at the dark room at 4. then on saturfday we made it to the end of the cooles tparty ever (im takign a cab next time) but still managed to drink their liquor. Then last night the steelers scored 3 touchdowns in 3 minutes. then the JM2 show started at midnight. and htat was easliy the most insanre thing ever.

And i go to shows constantly. And hten i walk around school bouncing up and down and singing. like college. and jeff asked if he can have some of what i have and i jsut try to tell him about the faint. And todya i threw candy corn at bill while trying to do the research project. we're going to have a performance art piece where we sit on stage and study and occaisionally throw crumpled up 6th circuit decisions at the audience.

an dim so hormonal. ive become a boy crazy moron. im boring theresa. guys have numbers right now. the aforementioned jm2 was the culmination of this.

Last week in our flag football game i sacked the qb. again. And even though it was flag football, when i missed the flag, i just tackled him. which was cool because he was #4. As i I ran around #2's roomate to make said sack, he muttered "damn you're hardcore"!


Phantasy Tour | Phantasy Bisco | Disco Biscuits Message Board: "this show was SO AWESOME im actually posting. I wanted it to never end. I want to be listening to it now. It was like being inside the 5.1.99 dribble for 4 hours.* Who needs words? Who needs songs? Who needs anything other than dark haunting sexy agressive soundtracks?

it was great. i walked around all day like i knew somethign no one else knew.

*and when the 5.1.99 happened, i walked around proclaiming i was done with music. that there was nothign else it could do for me. "