i asked my friend to write my conclusion

mvotta33: In sum, I am now finished with law school. So ya'll can kiss my litigious ass.



At 1:34 PM, Anonymous venkat said...

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Alt + A Open the Action drop-down menu

Alt + B Open the Address Book with the BCC field selected

Alt + C Select message recipients for CC field

Alt + D Switch to Daily calendar view

Alt + E Open the Edit drop-down menu
Alt + F Open the File drop-down menu

Alt + G Open the Go drop-down menu

Alt + H Open the Help drop-down menu

Alt + I Open the Find tool bar / Open the Insert drop-down menu

Alt + J Move to the Subject field

Alt + K Check names in the To, CC, or BCC field against the Address Book (cursor must be in the corresponding message header field)

Alt + L Reply All

Alt + M Switch to Monthly calendar view

Alt + N Open the Accounts drop-down menu

Alt + O Open the Format drop-down menu / Switch to Today calendar view

Alt + P Open the Message Options dialog box

Alt + R Reply / Switch to Work Week Calendar view

Alt + S Send

Alt + T Open the Tools drop-down menu
Alt + V Open the View drop-down menu

Alt + W Forward an item / Switch to Weekly calendar view

Alt + Y Switch to Daily calendar view

Ctrl + 1 Go to Mail

Ctrl + 2 Go to Calendar

Ctrl + 3 Go to Contacts

Ctrl + 4 Go to Tasks

Ctrl + 5 Go to Notes

Ctrl + 6 Go to Folder List

Ctrl + 7 Go to Shortcuts

Ctrl + 8 Go to Journal

Ctrl + A Select all

Ctrl + B Bold when editing a rich text message

Ctrl + C Copy

Ctrl + D Delete an item (message, task, contact, etc.)

Ctrl + E Activate the Find drop-down menu / Center Align when editing a rich text message

Ctrl + F Forward

Ctrl + J Open a new Journal Entry from the selected item (message, task, contact, etc.)

Ctrl + K Check names in the To, CC, or BCC field against the Address Book (cursor must be in the corresponding message header field)

Ctrl + M Send/Receive all

Ctrl + O Open

Ctrl + P Print

Ctrl + Q Mark the selected message Read

Ctrl + R Reply

Ctrl + S Save a draft message

Ctrl + T Tab

Ctrl + U Mark the selected message Unread

Ctrl + V Paste

Ctrl + X Cut

Ctrl + Y Go to Folder

Ctrl + Z Undo

Ctrl + Backspace Delete the previous word

Ctrl + End Move to the end

Ctrl + Home Move to the beginning

Ctrl + Shift + A Open a new Appointment

Ctrl + Shift + B Open the Address Book

Ctrl + Shift + C Create a new Contact

Ctrl + Shift + E Open a new folder

Ctrl + Shift + F Open the Advanced Find window

Ctrl + Shift + G Flag message for follow up

Ctrl + Shift + J Open a new Journal Entry

Ctrl + Shift + K Open a new Task

Ctrl + Shift + L Open a new Distribution List

Ctrl + Shift + M Open a new Message

Ctrl + Shift + N Open a new Note

Ctrl + Shift + O Switch to the Outbox

Ctrl + Shift + P Open the New Search Folder window

Ctrl + Shift + Q Open a new Meeting Request

Ctrl + Shift + R Reply All

Ctrl + Shift + S Open a new Discussion

Ctrl + Shift + U Open a new Task Request

Ctrl + Shift + Y Copy a Folder

Shift + Tab Select the previous message header button or field

F1 Open Outlook Help

F3 Activate the Find toolbar

F4 Open the Find window

F7 Spellcheck

F9 Send and receive all

F10 Select File from the Outlook toolbar button

F11 Activate the “Find a contact” dialog box

F12 Save As

Alt + F4 Close the active window

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