Above the Merger Waves, Going Under....

me: i need a title for my paper
thats my total weakness
3:40 PM JP: welcome to being a law professor daphne says
me: that has nothign to do with that
JP: daphne says $10 if you can work the word "teal" into it
me: its one of my three historic weaknesses
titling, foreign languages, and basketball
i had yarv title my econ paper last year
and she gave a shout out to it being the best titles one in the class

8 minutes
3:49 PM JP: hrm ok
that's exciting
call it "goat molesting ass fellating wankers: how you SHOULD be doing antitrust"
me: i think im going to put the following words in a hat
"merger, wave, incipiency, teal, dynamic, competitor, analysis, goat," and see what comes out

After debate, we came up with Surf's Up!: Helping Enforcers Catch the Ultimate Merger Wave


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