manianosmia: youre turn to tell a story
mvotta33: oh, this one time I put on the wrong coat in a bar
manianosmia: HAHA
mvotta33: and there was a cell phone in the pocket
mvotta33: and I left a message for Ben Kweller
manianosmia: HAHAHAHA
manianosmia: wait
mvotta33: and this dude got pissed
manianosmia: it hink i knwo that story
manianosmia: i think i was there
mvotta33: yeah, you were
manianosmia: i forgot all about that!
manianosmia: that was awesome
manianosmia: im giving you mad props for that
manianosmia: i dunno if i did at the time, but thank you so much for reminding me


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