from an interview with The Wire creator David Simon

Q: What's the most surprising feedback you have received about the new season so far? [anonymous]

A: Everyone seems to be actually watching it. Wherever I go, whoever I talk to, there are all kind of folk remarking on this scene or that line of dialogue. Where are these people in the Nielsens? Where are they in the numbers? Are the ratings a lie? Are these people watching pirated cable? What to believe? That the audience of the show has improved or that the same small market share is just talking louder. I honestly can't tell. It seems like the show is more a part of the general culture somehow, but that's just a feel. The numbers are still what they are, no? Or have the Nielsens been infiltrated by the Aryan Brotherhood? I am clueless. At this point, in fact, I wouldn't know what to do with a big audience if it showed up. Shit, if the Emmys ever find us, I'll know it's the end of civilization. Lions nuzzling lambs, cats fellating dogs, all that nonsense.

At the risk of sounding like Julia's blog, Ive started watching a whole lot more tv and movies lately, for better or for worse. I think that its a combination of the fact that I really woulda liked movies if Phish hadnt happened, that I have some familiartiy with production values, and that im broke. And an insomniac.

Ive also been trying to convince my parents to get netflix so they'll stop watching utter crap from Now and Then video in margaretteville. Obviously one of the biggest netflix selling points is that it makes TV on DVD much more accesible. But my parents are reluctant because I think they feel almost solely responsibly for the cute livelihood that is the upstate video store.

Which of course prompts my dad to ask me what tv shows are actually good. So i had figured out the answer for him was Sports Night, aaron sorkins prematurely cancelled serious behind the scenes of a sportscenter type show (apprently entourage didnt count). This was before he figured out that he could take the pretention on national politics and apply it to just about anything, ruining Studio 60.

But the kicker to this story is not that my parents loved it and agreed to start watching quality television on DVD instead of stupid new release dvd's, but that i was too poor/lazy to buy it for my dad. Until this weekend when i went to return stupid videos (ok a VHS of Straw Dogs) at the video store, and saw, hidden in a corner for only me to find, all of sports night on dvd for 15$. Sigh. Now I am forever beholden to Now and Then Video.

My list of best television shows ever:
1. The Wire - baltimore! container shipping porn! drug dealers taking secret economics courses!
2. Firefly - Ive thought long and hard about this, it would be a tie for first if there'd been more than 13 episodes of Firefly. But we gave it to matt and he somehow managed to write a paper for his law and film class on the vaginogarchy of Firefly. Maybe that shoudl result in it being lower. Im not sure.
3. Buffy - I mean, CMON!
4. Angel - I have to say this is actually my favorite television show, but I acknowledge its foibles. But it had dark wesley and darla staking herself to birth connor. Which was the television shocked equivalent of watching the deer hunter. and puppet angel! Also probably the show in history that managed to go out in a strong cohesive manner.
4. Roseanne - We watched quite a few shows together as a family when i was younger (Family Ties, Wonder Years) but this was always my favorite. I never saw the last two terrible seasons though and probably never will. But for the week I actually had Tivo in SF, this was all i watched and it was way better than i remembered.
5.Family Guy - never really been a simpsons person, like I'm supposed to be, but was so obsessed with this I had them on VHS tapes. Maybe the only thing in this world Im capable of quoting.
6. Sports Night
7. The episode of dinner for five with david byrne, david eggers, jeaneane garfalo, and joe pantaliono.



At 5:13 PM, Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Great list .. I've just started rewatching The Wire from the beginning, and it is just as great as I remembered .. but how could you omit Homicide?!?!


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