oh the careless fun i could have if i was rich


IF you hanker for celebrities performing spoken-word interpretations of landmark Supreme Court decisions � and who doesn't? � Oct. 4 is your lucky day. The ACLU is throwing a 'Freedom Concert' at Avery Fisher Hall featuring Richard Gere, Jessica Lange, Robin Williams and Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal peforming the 'ACLU's Greatest Hits,' which spotlight high court decisions from the last 50 years. We're guessing the bigger draw will be performances by Paul Simon, Mos Def, Lou Reed, Wyclef Jean, Patti Smith and the Black Keys. "

whats ive always wanted..

was someone to tell me how to dress...not liek what to wear but what to wear depending on the weather. I look and its says 60 with 5mph wind? so what? is that my cmu hoodie and a skirt? jeans and fleece vest? sweater with a polo under it? soucony or flip flops...this is seriously my problem. i used to look out the window in pvd at other people. and in sf it never changed. but now what? my window faces nothing (or, in classic ny style, a wall). here comes the answer:


courtesy of two gay men, updated daily.

i love gay men.

Todd Hido - Stephen Wirtz Gallery

Todd Hido - Stephen Wirtz Gallery

killing time before ice skating with haunting post industrial photography

Todd Hido

I have to say, yet again this jives with me. I hav ethis fascination with pre-fab suburbia. like gated communities where no one else drives through ever. In the daytime they pass for real becaquse they pass for are movie/tv set image of suburbia, but at night they are so freaky. Because theres no one filming. It always just seems like the space is oddly *waiting*.

I remember being obsessed with the craig beezley's house. He lived in some community with the name "estates" after it where no one dare to tread. And of course we were drunk outside smoking cigs at like 4 am in may in atlanta. An di needed to walk around. barefoot, on those paved roads that seem untouched. and that have no accompanying sidewalks. And those shared backyards that make them all seem endlessly big like they are done with mirrors.


how cute

NYU Badminton Club


ESPN.com: Mo Vaughn: "His power also is not what it used to be, although that can be difficult to judge because of his inability to hit the ball consistently"


look, im next to the tree

Spencer Tunick, Cleveland Ohio 2004

what more do you need in life other than beef jerky and whiskey. ahhhh..

its beginning to be autumn and...

i miss providence.

i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.i miss providence.

lets be part of the the intellectual elite....

Do we get to ask if he's linda eastman's brother????

Regularly during the school year, the Dean hosts roundtable discussions with prominent guests who have utilized their law degrees in a variety of nontraditional ways. Over lunch with a small group of students, guests speak autobiographically about their work experiences, sharing valuable advice and insight about how they found their chosen path.
John Eastman ('64) will be the guest at the Dean's Roundtable on Thursday, September 30. Mr. Eastman has a private practice specializing in art and entertainment law. The firm, Eastman & Eastman, currently serves as counsel to Paul McCartney, the estate of Francis Bacon, and the de Kooning family. The Eastman firm has also been linked with Andrew Lloyd Weber, David Bowie, Billy Joel and the Tennessee Williams estate.
Mr. Eastman is intimately involved in the music business as chief executive officer of MPL Communications (McCartney Productions Ltd.), one of the largest privately owned music publishing companies in the world with a wide range of musical copyrights. He is a former director of Apple Corps Ltd., the business venture formed by the Beatles, and Linda McCartney Foods, the line of frozen vegetarian meals founded by his late sister.
Active in philanthropy, he is a trustee of the American Museum of Natural History and former a trustee of Smith College.
Mr. Eastman attended Stanford University (A.B. 1961) and New York University School of Law (J.D. 1964). He and his wife live in New York City and have three children.

How to segue from jock to smarmy

On Friday October 1, IPELS (Intellectual Property and Entertainment LawSociety) is trwowing our first event of the year. We will be attending theNew York Mets v Montreal Expos game at Shea Stadium. The night will beginat about 6:00pm, with a discussion hour with David Cohen, Mets teamcounsel and graduate of Harvard Law School. Mr. Cohen will discuss hisjob, and answer any questions we might have.

The meeting will be followedby a cocktail party that the Mets are nice enough to throw for us. The NewYork Mets have then provided tickets for all of us to attend the game.Therefore, the cost of the evening will only be transportation to and fromShea Stadium.At this time, there are about 25 spots open for the night. We will berunning a lottery to determine who will fill those spots. We have reservedall these spots for 1L's

.This should be a very fun, interesting event. David Cohen is a younglawyer who is extremely friendly, and excited about talking to us as agroup. Fred Wilpon, the Mets owner, might also join us for part of theevening.

: we're gonna stop talking cuz i'm tired
manianosmia: its so early
manianosmia: thqts the funnny thing about cali
manianosmia: it three hours earlier
manianosmia: but still the same
Recline247: hahaha
Recline247: true!!
Recline247: you're so right!
Recline247: i set my biological clock by the daily show!
manianosmia: HAHAHAHA
manianosmia: i know its on so early there
manianosmia: football
manianosmia: ridiculous
manianosmia: like
manianosmia: i cant go to bed right after monday night football
manianosmia: are you kidding?



hats off to chris. this is fabulous

ed note: this is so messed up. this video is making me believe all these fallacies. like nostalgia for sf. for LECG. for binders. its making me have a crush on chris groves...wtf?!

when he gets famous i want the world to know that he once chased me to the elevator bank in rubberband wars so agressively that i curled up in fetal position on the floor and almost cried...


dimestore celebrity

I keep forgetting to mention this, and probably only roger cares..but ive almost run over david cross 3 times now.


im evil

buffy commentary just said in reference to a demon with no nose "they cant smell, so they are evil"


above and beyond

So while i was pondering the fact that my path did not turn out to be that of smarmy intellectual, 2 things happened todya.

Firstly, we had a library scavenger hunt, and throuhg som every fortuitous events, we woudn up using a book from teh faculty library. As in we were in the faculty library, or as davison our ta say s"the inner sanctum". It wa shte most gorgrous site ever, like a holy temple that makes on fall to their knees, it was the dark wood leather bound orgy of my dreams....with free coffee!!!!

Next, as much more important, i went to a lecture yesterdya by geoff stone, some guy i had never hear d of who is a visitng profressor an dused to be dean of the chicago law school. I went ot the talk because it was no vietnam and the way our governemtn treated dissenter. The talk was ok, more history than paralells to current situations, but he did tell me about how the governemtn would inform local police about anti war supporter and then the police woul give them speeding tickets as a form of subversive repression.

Anyways., today im reading the new york adn theres a talk of the town article about the ACLU's lawsuit against the patriot act and who its censored fromt eh public. *redacted*. anyways, the second half is basically all quote from geoffrey stone. From his office at NYU. Sick.

Page 3 - Name that tune in MLB ...

Page 3 - Name that tune in MLB ...


i will train you

my ipod jsut played house of jealous lovers> franz ferdinand. All while i was masterminding a playlist of upbeat dancy indie rock....sick..


if you werent so sincere...

Today i was sitting on the sidewalk in front of my house talkgin on the phone to fra nka dn drinking coffee when some guy appearred out of nowhere and squatted in the street and took my picture. And wouldnt tell me why. We theorize that hes making a coffee table book about people who dont get god reception int heir apartments and then sending it to verizon to protest...

Or maybe its because its the first day of fall and im wearing legwarmers....

Which leads to tess's greatest comment, as i came running into her room to show her my newly restrung badminton racket and she said "youde be the biggest hipster ever if you werent sincere"....and shes right. my bike has basket (at least its not wicker). I think legwarmers are so functional, and i live at the corner of clinton and stanton because i can afford it and walk to school.

Though im never walking again. the other devlopment is that somehow instead of NYC and law school turnign me into an alcohalix sophisticate or a smarmy intellectual (though i am obviously both as well), it has turned me into an uber jock. And oww does it hurt. I bike verywhere south of time square. I take ice skating lessons. I joined the NYU badminton team. I swim at the sports center.

Joining the badminton team is great. I think we play downstate and Columbia competitively. It so weird, I htink that NYU is like the weird brown of grad school. Aplace where everyone forms a community by rejecting the idea of one. A place that has 40,000 people and yet still doesnt care about its football team. I mean, at brown i didnt know who are rival was (dartmouth perhaps?) and here i couldnt even fathom what teams we play?!

As it turns out, we play all those other school that you cant fathom. Our division, according to flags in the gym, is CMU (!), brandeis, emory, case western, university of chicago and washington university. HA. The violets v the tartan. that'll be a rager.

A rager the likes of the VHS or Breta show i went to on friday at the knoitting factory. I liked it alot. IT was like outhud crossed with the cure with a hint of lake trout. although lake trout would eat them alive. There was one hysterical guy dancing there and at some point someone opened an umbrella and hoisted it and hte silly guy screamed "indoor umbrella dance party!"

And lastly, i managed to watch all of angel season 4 since last thursday. In credible. I dont knwo how they let that stuff be on television. I am scarred and cant sleep. I find myself screamign at connor and throwing things and being genuinely haunted. So beyond the level of Hush. Roomie isnt home and ill be watching at 3am and i really cant believe that the rest of the country saw this on network tv.....


Abandoned Bicycles of New York

and th epeople who hate them for taking up prime parking.....

law school happy hour memo

Murph's Guide to NY Bars: Happy Hour!


in tribute to palookaville

i just had my first ever feeling of pure nostalgia for california. IM listenign to the SC basis, which i wasnt even at or anything, but i suddenly has an incredibly visceral rememberance. Of the sound of the place and on the people i was friends with my first years there, when were were all the new england transplanted biscuits kids and we were that as a collective. And i remember sitting on the concrete in the little back parkign lot area of palookaville, which, along with drip coffee, made that place what it sadly is no more. And i remember that weird feeling you get there, not actually a good one, but strong and unique, and that weird weather, of the chilly wetness. And the feeling that it was always extremely late, and you were tired, and driving through the fog either lost in the town avaoiding the police or on that damn rt 17. Or maybe just lost wandering by tony o's house, or feeling as such. And lord knows i hate that place, and maybe this is why, but i think now its impossible not to feel lost there. but in a way that simultaneously clearly lets you know that you are in santa cruz.


ubernanni: i told him you thought he was a vampire
ubernanni: and turned me into one
ubernanni: hahahhaha
manianosmia: and what did he say
ubernanni: he instantly took to it
manianosmia: not that thats bad!
manianosmia: HAHAHA
ubernanni: he was like "vhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
manianosmia: awesome
ubernanni: he thinks our apt is addictive, and is a bunker
maninosmia: you mean "crypt"


i am ever true to me

today was probably the most me day ive had in months, with all its good and bad parts.

So in procedure today i made the mistake of letting on that im the economist. We were reading this case about this copmany that basically finds its was around paying into the washington state unemployment fund. This is supposedly the most famous procedural case ever, soemthign to do with corporations being treated as people, interstate commerce, blah blah blah. So our entire is all about htis entire fairness principle. So i asked if anyone ever looks at this case and says "gosh that international shoe is one clever mutherfucker" cause, they, like, gave their sample salesman only *one shoe*. And screwed over washington (maybe).

So later when i was talked to the professor about why people are vilifying this company instead of insisting that washington amend its tax law, he asks me if i have a science background. I said economics and he basically told me i was fucked....well...he told me i was in for a very frustrating experience. stupid fairness.

Then he brings up the same point in class about plahying within the ruls v playing fairly...and he uses the yankees as an illustrative example for half and hour. it was pretty fun. then we start talkign about efficiency, talks about this judge posner guy, then picks on me....

Then I have torts. I HATE TORTS. its an entire class about touchy feely. With all these girls who dont speak loud enough, including our professor. We're talking about this case where a captain docks his boat illegally during some storm and damages the dock. The issue is that he *needed* to do it or the boat would have been lost.

So i start thinking about decisions analyis and expected value and say that even though the boat guy has to pay 500$ for the dock, he didnt lose his 15,000$ boat. Meanwhile the dock owner has to tak ehte time to rebuild. The boat guy is the clear winner in this situation, even though he technically lost. our professor says "well...that is *exactly* what judge posner would have said". I am so fucked.

So im just gonna slip this little piece of informaiton in here. I got lyme disease at coventry. seriously, or at least nyu health services thinks so, which isnt sayign much. Seriously though...the fucking last phish show, after i devoted my time, energy, money, love, and brain space to this band for 12 years...has brought me the following:
a natural disaster
the worst stash ever
my "idol's" mental breakdown
a broken heart
a brush with death (hyperbole)
lyme disease

then again. this is so me, to get into a fight with someone right before they leave.

After school today, carla and i went to the yankees game,us sitting at first base, its sorta raining but then left somewhat early, which was awesome cause im at home now watching the football opener, with peyton mannign yet again as my fantasy qb. 3 out of 4 years.And i realized that the greatest moment ever would be to have the football game on the jumbotron. I wouldve even bought *another* $8 miller light. Sweet.

note: the title is a reference to "ever true to brown", our school song that of course no one knew. Seriously, i think i went to the two schools with the least school spirit and cohesiveness. Damn blue hawks ruined me forever....

my new idol

judge posner plays 20 questions

more to come...

(ok ok mr chabon, we can share)

just so you know

Ive been tryign to add a current obsessions part back into the sidebar and have thus failed in an html labyrinth but:

mindfucking, maryland, laketrout (notice how all three are sorta the same)

finding the most hidden carrel in the library

being a bad ass bike commuter (with no breaks)

pretty soon this will all be wiped clean as peyton manning dominates in the fantasy league

what 50K buys these days

our school has free coat check. in both law school buildings. they will even check my ice skates....

I will do anything to be referred to as "scholar"

etymology of B'Gock -It came from bmd. Well, it came from people he knew from NJ who played this game in the car where the person behind the passenger seat pulled the passenger's seat belt really hard and fast around their throat. The theory being that the sudden strangulation would make the person gasp "b'gock"

follow from there that the 1.22.99 worcester jam is the musical equivalent of acute strangulation and we're all set...

other person posting:
"Well, it came from people he knew from NJ who played this game in the car where the person behind the passenger seat pulled the passenger's seat belt really hard and fast around their throat."What kind of game is that?! That's not cool! I would kick the ass of any person who ever did this to me!!

thanks for giving us the 411 Jaimee... :o)

"What kind of game is that?! That's not cool!"

HAHAHAHHA. I seriously had to back away from the computer to laugh.


my school is a death trap

I know i know. they wont let us pretend to be part of nyu at large...but still...

another lost liberal arts student

My youth again reigns

Theres a new Cake album! And a tour! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYA

ive been feeling of late as if my fun happy adolesence had up and died, and that maybe there wasnt a place for silly passion and intense musical drama. I mean, how could i forget stockton!


trying to get this to work

really i can

Verymoon: it all depends on the ingredients, and the number of people to feed, and how decorated it is, and with what...blah blah blah...I want to have a tower of cupcakes instead.

Recline247: and i just had a mexican car wash
Recline247: omg
Recline247: never leaving
manianosmia: i want to vomit
manianosmia: i thought so much more highly of you
Recline247: yeah, well fuck you
Recline247: ;-)
Recline247: this dude detailed my car for 45 minutes
Recline247: for $8.99
Recline247: and then he gave me a teddy bear
Manianosmia: ASSHOLE
Recline247: said he'd stolen it or something
Recline247: i didn't really listen to him though
Recline247: he used it for a shammy
Recline247: did a damn fine job, i might add

General Skating - Sky Rink - New York City - NYC: "Enjoy free general skating at Sky Rink on Saturday, September 18th and 25th from 1:00pm - 2:30pm. In addition, learn a new trick or two in a free 30-minute lesson at 1:00pm and 2:00pm"


exploding dog. always so apt. I wonder if erica sent this one in as well....

i hate it when people lie to me


instead of the lame-ass bobcats, or the almost as lame violets...we have decided to deem NYU athletics the violence....to soon be coopted into the "gratuitous sex and violence"


so has everyone been following along now? Has everyone tacitly noticed the entire maryland thing? that fuckign guy from when i was 12 is all responsible (ha!).

Anywaysl, today i am in contravcts class (so hot) and i am SOOOOOOOOOO ahead of the curve. Like he says something, an di do one of my mark a note down to myself to ask in office hours cause its so unrelated thing, and it turns out that my point was the point of the entire class that we got to 2 hour later. I love it. I can hardly contain myself in class. So im beggining to kinda wonder how to handle this as an integration of my two disciplines which may not be welcome yet.

So after class i go to ask my ta. turns out, and im seriously, she is *THE OTHER* person doing my program in the last 5 years. seriously. and she the contracts ta. and she loves liam murphy. and she says the econ depeartment is a bunch of fuckup. And we go out for drinks. And it turns out that she also is in charge of the co ed flag football league. and her fantasy football draft was all fucked up too by yahoo (maybe she wants one of our kickers).

So anyways, afte rlunch, im already kinda drunk and feelign great and chuck calls. Hes taking the chinatown bus up to ny for the show and then we're going to andes. so he calls to tell "this bus is all messed up and they sold to many tickets and we stopped in maryland and they couldnt let anyone on the bus and there was an angry mob of baltimorians outside the bus and i just had to tell you!!"

sickest ever

then i biking home drunk