contracts makes me hot...

they do. im serious. So hot. economic damages oh baby! Somehow, ive wound up with a teddy bear named after my professor as well. So this is a concept ive been in vein trying to explain to basically everyone around me. that and the fact that the 300 people not in my seciton are "dead to me". So on friday we all go yto see rana. It was coventry 2 with the drunken belligerance.

So we all meet at DBA, including theresa, who makes a 20 minute appearence before leaving to meet josh for more goldenlife/tour/vampire/whatever. So we all head over to rana, already pretty drunk, and i run into this girl from law school. Really nice friendly girl who sits next to me in torts. So we're all drunk and my friend is all fascinted to see someone who goes to law school with me. he askes if shes one of the people who's dead to me and i say shes in my section and he asks her "does contracdts make you hot". She answers yes and then something about our professor.

So then we're at rana debating whether her answer counts statistically because she is a law student, so we decide to play our little game and ask the random girl next to us (charlotte). She says "contracts ruined my relationship with my boyfriend". IE, it was so hot he left her for it.

So then we of course need to ask her if she knows "april come ___ ___". Of course she is totally drunk by now and sings most of the song. Which ive still never heard. So then somehow i manage to get plastered and tlak to andy bernstein for half an hour. Which never happens.

Then colleen started sayign somethign about chris having a crush on the girl in a red dress...aka charlotte. So i go in to try to hook them up, and she just JUMPS me screamign "contracts contracts!" over and over. Im dont now. I ask her if she likes boys and she say s"long story" and i tell her to make out iwth chris. Ah the power of an enforceable agreement.


manianosmia: its funnny that you hate the biscuits
manianosmia: or that
manianosmia: ive gone to one show with you and we hated it
Recline247: well, they have no quality control


manianosmia: you know youre a phishead when...
manianosmia: you write things like "maine issues" as headers in your legal brief


So. im having a tough go at this law school thing. So i was having erica counsel me. And of course it was over IM. and then of course since i cant type, I wrote Law schoo. And her response after pages of my misery was:

"well first off, you musat always refer to it as 'law schoo'"

and suddenly, life was better


"hahah, even if you could see dead people, you *still* wouldnt have 5 senses."

I dont know if ive ever mentioned this, but i LOVE when people make fun of my anosmia. Its always special because, while its such a comedic gold mine, it takes a personal with a special intamacy with me to actually do it. And i respect that.

still best ever though, to repeat:

Tivon: "merry christmas, oh wait. I forgot, you cant smell"


everything is 9$

so my new favorite thing is beer. I guess it started at coventry, where there was a plethora of good beer. sammy smith and lambic and some stuff from a place where colleen is the golden girl after spending 200$. Its nice to walkaround with a 15$ beer like its a 40. Anyways Ive managed to hold onto that buzz and translate it into grad student favorite PBR. Which brings me to my faovrite story of the week. Roger, nicole and patrick were comign over to pre drink and i went to our little bodega for a six pack. Still in SF mode i asked how much the tecate is. 9$! Holy! Imported. So i ask how much the sierra is...9$. Ok so thats a cali beer. thats little odd and all. newcastle 9$. HOLY CRAP. have i fell into a bizarro hole? and the kicker...guniess is, as well, 9$.

while listening to biscuits...

tess - "this music is making me want to go do something. Its making me all agitated"

MeSoYancy: well, see, that's kind of crazy
MeSoYancy: i can understand the line of thinking
MeSoYancy: but you're taking a metaphor and extending it too far

well yesterday at law school was a totally lost and crappy day. I felt liek a character in a sitcom, or buffy in season 4. The day can be encapsulated by the fact that i was given a locker that was too high for me to see the combination lock. This mornign i went to go change it, and after many tries actually foudn the onipotent being in charge of locker assignments. Many other people were waiting as well. In turns out that in addition to the lockers being too high, the topr row didnt fit laptops. But i got a new lower bigger locker because, apparently, i am short. This is the first thing that has gone well. Sigh (she says out loud).


ESPN.com - MLB - Stark%3A Wild Pitches: "Fortunately%2C Dunn%27s mighty homer off Lima didn%27t break any windows or cause any concussions. According to an HOK architect who helped design the park%2C it landed on a street named Mehring Way%2C a ridiculous 535 feet from home plate.%0D%0AThen it hopped along for another 200 feet or so and came to rest on a piece of driftwood on the banks of the Ohio River. Which%2C according to local geographers%2C meant it was hit in Ohio and came to rest in KENTUCKY. So maybe it just wanted to visit Smarty Jones on the stud farm. That%27s as good an explanation as any.%0D%0A%22I couldn%27t hit a golf ball that far%2C%22 Reds reliever Phil Norton told the Dayton Daily News%27 Hal McCoy.%0D%0A%22He couldn%27t%2C%22 Dunn concurred. %22Ever see him play golf%3F%22%0D%0AMcCoy reports that the baseball eventually was retrieved off that driftwood by an electrician named Tom Tuerck. Which is a shame%2C in retrospect. Think how cool it would have been to just leave that baseball alone and let it float off down the river.%0D%0AWho knows where it might eventually have ended up%3F That Ohio River%2C after all%2C flows all the way into western Pennsylvania.%0D%0A%22It probably would have wound up in Pittsburgh%2C%22 said Casey. %22And Jason Kendall would have found it on his way to work.%22"


you are so dark

The title is a quote from the girl in front of us at great woods. She was great. The show was great. Trey invited a girl on stage to sing tears of a clown. The girl in front of me asked if i thought she was a random and i said the random hottest girl int he front row. So we started talking. About our favorite songs. Hers were all the uplifting YEM type songs. She asked about my proclivity towards sunglasses in the nighttime. Later she wonered why the show that nigth was so much better and more nesting than the previous night. I asked if it was sunny the day before compared to the overcast sky of that night. During the secoind set theyplaye d timber ho and i freaked out (timber ho at your last real show!!!!!). She turned to me and said "YOURE SO DARK"

And i think she was right. I think I am dark yet optimistic. Lovign life though with a twisted sense of humor. I love the rain. The cold. The darkness. Lake trout. Cities whre edgar allen powe and hp lovecraft lived. Apparently rich bonski says that dark earth tones indicate anger. I am having this weird thign where i feel like my soul is being pulled to baltimore, possibly into daniels missing shoe.

Coventry photo show

the ultimate in symbolism

I havent wanted to remove my coventry bracelet for obvious reasons. Today I start law school. I wan tto keep it on as i kept on the cliffors ball bracelets at brown and htereby quickly met peopel with which to dodge orientation. But now, its sunday at 9 am and i am ironing my brooks brothers clothes and on my way to nyu orientation. But first, i must cut off the coventry bracelet.