holy foss

So i go to get camp bisco tickets. I type in www.campbisco.com like an idiot. and it brings me to a page with this picture.
This is crazy underwater campground that we stayed in in our last night of iceland. SO FREAKING WEIRD. they have nice tents.

Daphne: that's pretty incredible
11:12 PM me: that is seriously the weirdest thing ever
Daphne: i'm perturbed
me: at the foss
Daphne: at the meeting of foss and bisco
11:14 PM JP: that's messed up
11:15 PM me: hahaha
11:19 PM Daphne: i'll get sick and die
11:20 PM me: its outdoors
and not far from my parents
and has camping
and ski dog

so when i ordered my tickets, i had to check the agree to terms box
and then there was another box that said "tickets are managed my upperhand ticketing. i allow them to charge my card and i will try very hard to remember that the charge was for camp bisco"

who knew over paying for tickets was such a giving experience.

antitrust humor.

"j, will you be our local counsel california"

"sure. um. what is it. antitrust? price fixing? 'your honor, there allegations are unbelievable? price fixing?! all our prices are different! on all our products! you think they are fixed? in fact, we increase them!'"

"counsellor, are you retarded?"

"that has never been confirmed"


I personally think this is the funniest thing ive heard in days, though when K once said that some guy was not her boyfriend "per se" i responded by asking if he was her boyfriend rule of reason. Do with that what you will.


my status message quotes my subletter saying "if i had to pick one person in my life who would stab me, it would be jaimee" - how perceptive after one month i say

Daphne says - well he obviously does not know JP

Then Paul changed his status message to say the same as me:

: there's no one else i'd rather be stabbed by...
me: awwwww
theres no one else id rather stabby
our friendship is so beautiful im gonna cry
Paul: no, see, that's not exactly the response i'm looking for...
12:45 PM me: i know
Paul: the stab
i.d RATHER you had other people you wanted to stab more
me: i know
but i like all my conversations with you to be about you

12:48 PM oh my god i hope aaron is working this weekend
i would totally stab him
I KNOW!!!!!!!!
ok i have to go
12:52 PM Paul: good need to go ahway
F*CKSOME BITCHES UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SPURTING CRIMSON INSIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:53 PM me: i think i love you
12:55 PM Paul: we always stab the ones we love


Daphne: i love how there's no lag time between what you feel and your away message
me: thats how i roll
Daphne: 5:07 seems to have been when the tide turned


the most positive email Ive gotten since I started working

1) Yes, and yes.
2) Substitute new, yes.
3) Yes, please.