music and midterms and cleaning. Oh My!

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I have this sorta opposite circadian rhythem on a weekly basis fom the rest of society. I have no issue with going out till 3 on a weekday (if theres a good reason) but I usually spend one weekend night home studyign because its a good uninterupted break of time and I can work until tired instead of getting edgy as my time constraint draws near.

I also have this thing where I study to REALLY LOUD music (with no words. although, I like writing to angy rap music or the faint.). Its all about white noise. I can usually hear everything everywhere and I get really distacted by it if I can single it out. Consequently a library is the worst placefor me to study because I here every page turn. As opposed to a concert parking lot, which for me is the best place to study.*

So in the summer, its Phish, and in the winter its Lake Trout. I always feel like I should tell lake trout because since their music sounds like dirty angry scary baltimore hedonism, its probably the last thing they would expect. But then I would seem deranged. And considering Ive been to 20 shows of a band that had about that many songs, I probably am.

Then when I get tired of studying, I usually have to futz around for a few hours to slow down my brain. Thats when I have my late night secret private music. Usually J.J. Cale or Steely Dan.** Cake is for cooking.

*or in the car if its quizzable. Thats how I studied vocab for the GRE. "Your tour shoes are *refulgent*. Once I quizzed chrissy on japanese. Which was really dumb, because i couldnt read it. I think she knew it anyways.

** Also known as 1. Hot IT guy from LECG and martinis and weird (2003) 2. "Jaimee, dont be scared of Best Buy. I will go buy us steeley dan in the the Las Cruces New Mexico best buy and all will be fine and you will like best buy and not be scared of driving through texas." And then the mexicans stole my teddy bear. (Federman, 2003) 3. "jaimee I wont let you sleep so we will go to my weird den bathroom hybrid with carpet and wood panelling and inflateable furniture and a terrible towel and smoke cigarettes. Good times. (Mick,2004) 4. "Jaimee I wont let you sleep because we have to talk about life. But its ok because there are candles and Steely Dan and now youre not scared of sleeping on the porch. So...Isnt life strange?!" (Mick 2006)


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