delancey street fire

So this morning I was venturing out to civilization after deathy sickness. I went out the door and it was all misty and foggy out. Or so I thought.

Something about me, is that I have no sense of smell. None. Born without it. Its called anosmia. So I was amazed that there was still any moisture left in the air after last nights monsoon that managed to come in my window and politely water me thesis research. Turns out, it was all smoke from a fire in a kids clothing store on Delancey street that had wafted over the nieghborhood.

Unfortunately, the commotion right above my subway station made me a little late to class. And then the smoke made my sicky come back, so I wasnt happy. And then our professor was angry at us because no one seemed that shocked that the judiciary makes stuff up. I think that no one else was paying attention, while Ive been drunkenly yelling "judicial power grab" all semester.

I walked past the damage on the way home, sad about the kids store because I love the bright hotness that is Delancey street. And then I noticed that the fire had spread to the Chinese Restaurant nextdoor. the same Chinese Restaurant I suspect was the cause of my food poisoning last weekend. Now thats justice.


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