i used to have a blog

now i just take pictures. sigh. some things that happened recently

-someone in my immigration class suggested we practice holistis economics. I almost killed him.

-mike came over to watch the lost premiere. He has a grilfriend now, whos a yoga teacher, and wont let him eat bad food. This is mike of the "i think you die at your 60th chicken fried steak" and who lawyered me into making homeade cheesesteaks when i suggested something healthy. So mike made me go with him to get two hot dogs, with chili, cheese sauce, and crumbled fritos on top. apparently this resembles something called frito pie they sell at texas football games. Then we went to mcdonalds. someone was readin glexis on line i kid you not. he ordered a 1/4 pounder meal and chicken nuggets. He also decided it woul dbe fun to yell random thhings like superman used to do in the comics. apparently he and theresa thought "papa spank" was really funny and the evening culminated with him yelling that from a cab across essex street at us and offending a biker dude and hipster chick.

-matt somehow got me to buy 4 pounds of caramels for apple day, then bought another 15 apples worth himself.

- i hate the unemployed guy whos window faces mine. hes up everynight talking about what a useles spiece of crap he is. sometimes i let my alarm go off while i shower to piss him off. ahh new york living.

-i was wearing moms boots today, which are my favorite things ever. thats also so in right now, to where your mothers old clothes. Some girl in a store told me she loved them and asked where i got them. I tol dher they were my mothers. she said she was expecting that answer. i dunno if that means that its obvious how shoddy durable goods have become or whether im failing at this hippie thing. hair. must. get. longer.


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