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Antitrust Review: "AT&T v. RLH Industries (05-1493). This case involved whether a California company can use that state’s laws against a company for allegedly engaging in illegal tying arrangements in other states. As reported in MarketWatch:

AT&T has argued constitutional limits on state interference with interstate commerce bar the lawsuit from proceeding.

‘A state is and should be flatly forbidden from attempting to govern commerce occurring wholly outside that state,’ AT&T said in a court petition. ‘Under the decision below, California’s antitrust and unfair competition laws would control markets throughout the country.’

RLH Industries maintains that California state courts have jurisdiction to review anticompetitive practices by companies that impact it, even if those practices are taking place in other states. According to the RLH brief, lower courts are still considering some of the issues raised in the AT&T petition to the Supreme Court, making high court review premature."

Seriously, theres a company called RLH industries...run like hell industries! HA. that was my happy thing of the day that owuld not have been brought to you without tour.

I 've been thinking lately that there are two more reasons that tour would be more fun now.

The first goes both ways. Tour makes law school more fun because ive been to lots of these places from tour. You can just imagine how prepared i was in corporations class the day we read a case were someone sued the providence civic center (i held back every urge to call it "the dunk" in class and start humming 12.13.99 sand). We were reading abotu a civil rights case involving ollie's bbq in birmingham. David turned to me and asked "did we go there?" "No, but we will". Ahhhh, imagine if that were true. Imagine if the other half of my life contained tons of random visits to Issaquah.


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