Alaska Redux

Everyones sending pictures finally. Thats me waving. Yay.

Today I hung out with Julia, the daughter from the family that i was on their family vacation. She was free to talk alot because she wasnt scared of them all fighting. We enacted our vision form the moment we got off the boat and went to Joe's Shanghai, Chinatown Ice cream factory, and then watched Battle Royale. So fun. She also gave me the picture of her and her brother floating and pretending to be otters. I am so never wearing those sunglasses in public.

Today was also the first day of school, which was mortifying. It was such a crash between me and my rediscovered self that just wants to be rolling around in the rain in a forest somewhere and me who has to take all the really liberal required classes. Perhaps the worst thing abotu law school that i forgot was the terrible pretend humor that professors spout and the weird fake nervous laughter that the class echoes. Sadly, that has become most of those peoples real laughs.

This weekend Im gonna be basically the only person in ny, tryign to get a start on the semester well. I think the only things i have planned is going to see a screening of the forbidden zone with the director (most fucked up movie ever made, courtesy of drew, who is now making our color war video).

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