things about alaska

-when you finally go on your dream vacation, it makes every other plan pale in comparison

-it took me till 28 to be so trite as to "find myself", but it worked. Its especially centering when you're talking about 401Ks and a harbor seal pops up 2 feet from you.

-seals and forest bunnies are the only animal that interest me

-i have no perception of distance. the running joke of the trip was when id ask how far away a glacier was, they'd say 3 miles, and id tell them they were full of shit. then it would take 4 hours to paddle there. even ron caught on and told us that some arch of ice was 400 feet tall (but it was like 20).

-alaska in the summer is great because everyone needs to fit a years worth of sunlight activities in. I think they probably just drink all winter

-i love that 3rd day thing where everyone has to take a poop finally and then all anyone can talk about is their poop and how great it was (this was also true on tour). i myself used an outhouse at one point with the door open in the pouring rain looking out on a glacier. This was semented when we saw a bald eagle, that entirely bored me and the harry potter kid until it took a huge crap. then we laughed abouit it for 8 hours

-its really hard not to have a crush on someone who looks exactly like harry potter, even if he is 20.

-i am the character in the professor's house by willa cather who withers up and dies within their own nostalgia. That said, I somehow managed to recreate the sensory experience of the day on lake champlain from college.

-at one point, after much linguistic ball busting and pseudo intellectual conversations, I tried to explain to bret that alot of law was about languag emanipulation (statutory interpretation, etc). he answered that he had thought about that, but that he didnt want to use his powers for evil. that quote is going to get alot of mileage.

- when a bunch of jews get back from 7 days in the wilderness, their first thoughts are of chinese food. This really hammered home the difference between us and the guides, who turned around and went back out immediately. julie said she felt bad for them because they must feel like they're in a woody allen movie.

-jameson is even better using ice floes.

-i think i like fog and mist because its classic eroticism. Like the way that a shoulder of an old time dress slipping down suggestively is more appealing that a shoot in playboy.


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