Irrational Hatred

Ive meant to blog this for a while now. Im lazy so Im copying franks explanation from his bloggy:

"So my friend Jaimee and I had this discussion the other day, and it wound up being pretty fun and hilarious. For whatever reason, there are a multitude of celebrities, shows, movies, athletes, etc. who, while we recognize their respective merits, we hate for absolutely no logical reason. And I don't mean hate in any fun, silly kind of way. I'm saying we hope they get hit by a bus tomorrow. If you asked why I hate any of the following, I couldn't give you any real answer other than "just because."

This all began because a friend of mine has an irrational hatred of Landon Donovan and vowed to turn me against him in 20 minutes or less, whcih he did succesfully (thoguh with much help from the Czech Republic team). Later that nigth whioe he was drunk he kept yellign about how all our bad foosball shots were taken by landon, and his dogged and obsessive perseverance made me really respect him more. And thus was born the irrational hatred game.

Daniel and I think its the greatest game ever because of course we over intellectuallize everything, so our over intellectualized reason for loving the game is that, by creating the construct of irrational hatred, you no longer need to intellectually struggle to form a rational and logically taut argument for your hatred. You just need to claim its irrational.* He was onto this idea immediately and I names Jude Law and he screamed that i just saved him years of mental anquish he had been experiencing tryign to articulate why he hated jude law as well.

So my list thus far (world cup edition):
David Eggers
Jude Law
Christiano Ronaldo
Napolean Dynomite
anythign relating to san francisco (debateable. i still maintain I have a rationale)
Prince Caspian

the above illustrates a larger divide in which Daniel, Frank andI went to se ethe premier of Darkon at the Los Angeles film festival, movie about peopel who participate in real life D&D in the woods involving pillow wrapped swords and a hectar by hectare land grab of suburban Baltimore. Afterwards frank and daniels coworker talked about how dorky those people must be, while Daniel and I pondered the complexity of the rules, why baner of laconia attempted something so apparently impossible from a strategic standpoint, and whether I could ingratiate myself into the community if I move to Dc.


At 5:19 PM, Blogger jaimee said...

i add tom brady to my list, too lazy to edit

At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you know how i know you're gay?

you hate radiohead.

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why hate Ronaldo...Rooney pushed him, thats why Rooney got sent off, its Rooney's fault, hate him. Don't be a sheep, your not Welsh are you?


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