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manianosmia: dude, the hilarity of VIRGINIA as a concept just dawned on me
JoeSoHeady: hilarious
JoeSoHeady: VA is not real?
manianosmia: not in my mind
manianosmia: to consider living in dc is one thing
manianosmia: but consider living in virginia is entirely different
JoeSoHeady: it sure is
manianosmia: like
manianosmia: i have to got o mall in virginia this weekend
manianosmia: so re re
JoeSoHeady: hahahahaha
JoeSoHeady: oh come on
JoeSoHeady: its NORTHERN va
manianosmia: notice the virginiga in that statement
JoeSoHeady: oh come on
JoeSoHeady: Josh Merry LIVES in Va !!!
manianosmia: HAHHAA
manianosmia: first of all
manianosmia: ha on the oh come on
manianosmia: second
manianosmia: souble ha on josh merry and virginia
manianosmia: maybe it would be ha squared
JoeSoHeady: double ha !
JoeSoHeady: haha ?
manianosmia: like not 2 ha
manianosmia: but like ha * ha
JoeSoHeady: ohhh ha to the ha
manianosmia: exponential ha's
manianosmia: yeah
JoeSoHeady: like H to the Izzo
JoeSoHeady: Ha to the Ha
manianosmia: ok im laughing my ass off
manianosmia: ive lost it
JoeSoHeady: Ha to the Hizzaaaaa !


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