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yeah its about the making of Fitzcarraldo- I still haven't seen it. Herzog is a maniac, and brilliant, and hilarious. And Kinski is Kinski. I have a copy of My Best Fiend my brother gave me- maybe I'll watch it tonight. The article that turned me on to the dynamic is actually a New Yorker review of the autiobiographical/delusional episode cum narrative Kinski Uncut that you can find here:

a selection:

Episodes recorded inKinski Uncut fall into four categories: 1) sexual encounters with hundreds of women, beautiful and ugly, young and old, in a grotesque pornographic idiom that excludes sensual pleasure; 2) CĂ©line-esque voyages of degradation and misery, often involving vomit, excrement, and delirium; 3) excoriations of incompetent directors, producers, writers, actors, journalists, and generally, all individuals who are not Kinski; 4) bouts of self-righteousness mixed with intense self-loathing


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