daphne and color take 9million

what color should i do my nails
Daphne: yellow
me: pink red or funky
haha i dont have yellow
Daphne: pink
barbie pink?
or like ligt pink
9:04 PM me: nah like a good pink
its called "windy city pretty"

9:05 PM Daphne: that's so cute!
uh oh
does this have to do with the PB catalog
because i'm identifying wtih this PB season more than ever before
me: hahah
9:06 PM Daphne: 2009 is year of yellow
me: thats the best hting ive ever heard
todays blog aware
yello started last year at cb2 my dear
Daphne: you don't have awards
you have im blog posts


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