1. ive really done nothing for the past two months other than listen to music. 18 hours aday. and im constantly around people who obsess over music. this may in fact be the anti-law school.

2. im totally going to be one of those people who leaves and incredibly specific will. Like "i leave all my teal clothing to daphne and everything brown to theresa" and "i leave the akg pair of headphones to paul" and "i leave everything nonsensical and violent to jp"

3. Roomate and I have been, even before the bar, been having a way between the two coffee/scone purveyors located on clinton street (although i get sandwiches there and she gets hot cocoa here). Shes somewhat intertwined over there, but not to the same degree (but someone was goign to bring her back things from their trip to japan). So we decided we're each gonna get respective tee shirts and then inflate them sumo style, wrestle infron of the gnome clinton street mural, and then post it on you tube as "the clash of clinton street"

4. speaking of you tube, i think this may be the universally apealling video ever.
Afterwards i just had to go smoke a cigarette to combat my overwhelming desire to jack something, grand theft auto style.


Subject: Re: Your FERC career melted down

oh my god i could not parse that sentence!
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On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 4:27 PM, JP wrote:
Btw, I think FERC is jacking your shit. This whole market-manipulation stuff sounds like it kind of cuts into the amount of Antitrust that FTC would bother with in Energy.


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