The owner! Weee! This only leaves nemesis. That's gonna be interesting.

This is how i screwed up the other night. I tried to help the night guy and collect the candles, but he really wasnt caring because its his last night. We were just listening to 80's music. We were theorizing fun things we could do to screw the morning people, and just never cleaned the candles and then the wax hardened, which unfortunately only screwed the following night person.

Then i spent all day being high. I dontk now why, it was like a big acid trip yesterday. I could only listen to robert palmer for some reason, and kept getting every practice thing i did right. So of course i called my support group to check my progress against the masses. Everyone said that didnt happen to them and htey were freaking out at this point, which of course made me freak out in an of itself. Then i started feeling weird and sick and crazy and didnt know what to do with myself. Then the night person come in, found the candles completely messed up, and had to spend 30 minutes with their hands in scalding hot water fixing them. And that was the first thing that made me laugh the entire day.

So to get back at me/ tease me, he decided to just mention the date to me, which wound up with me and my eggshell skull hiding in fetal position under a chair. Not really that normal. Then the moon went away, and the night ended with us listening to david bromberg and then roomie and i have a silly dance only party to the talking heads little creatures and watching buffy. (Daphne says: You're like one of those crazy New York people. Who scare the tourists!!)

I have so truly convinced myself this is the room of requirement that the day after the bar exam im gonna come for coffee and its not going to be here. There will be the store to the left and the store to the right and that will be it. I will ask people where it went and they will look at me like i am strange. And then i will be committed.


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