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Rust in Peace

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Arkville, NY

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"there's consonance in assonance. which of course is nice because theres consonance in both"

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no wonder he wrote the book on providence

in reference to the where the dunkin donuts potato head is:
"thats like all over. if buddy cianci stuffed a corpse in it is would represent rhode island perfectly"

me: " you know what the problem with the staerbucks magic bar is?"
Matt: "they're finite?!"

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my friend the cheesesteak

So i have a standing Wednesday date with Mike where we have dinner and watch lost. And all mike eats is crap. He spent all summer ordering cheesesteaks to the office. He has theorized that southern fried steak is like the thing in kill bill, when you get up from eating your 40th one in your life, you die as soon as you walk away from the table.

So i called him today and suggested that i cook dinner instead, somethign healthy. somehow, by the end of the conversation he had convinced me to cook cheesesteaks folloiwng the pat's recipes. he should be in law school, someone in ELJ suggested (he is, but brooklyn). I guess hte truth is more that i admire exuberance and grandiose plans/adventures that are based on ludicrousity (probably not a word).

So we made cheesesteaks, that were wonderful, but defeated us. We ate thema and watched Shaun of the Dead (so funny) and gave each other cheesy face hi-fives.

and now, the midwest response to Chronic-what-cles of Narnia:
Lazy Muncie: The Midwest Response

This mornign in corporations, i was paying no attention and geoff kept referencing me. He said "and then the punctillio of the partnerhsip will rust , and we dont like rust, right jaimee?" me, not paying attention and understanding the clue, was like "right, we don tlike rust". What a minute, I LOVE RUST!!!!

because WSN is my new favorite news source

Washington Square News - New book blasts 'radical' profs

the reason i have yet to take con law....spontaneous combustion

I think polaris may be getting annoyed at me

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Since my blog is only about pillow fight

Washington Square News - Frigid feather fight: "Second year NYU law students Jesse Hwang and Cynthia Wong saw pictures of last year’s event on the internet and thought it was something they couldn’t miss.

“I just like it when regular people take over public places,” Wong said."


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a pillow fight movie we're in

pillow_fight_union_sq_3ivx.mov (video/quicktime Object)

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ABC News: Before Brown v. Board of Education

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you can feel good about hood

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Falling Sand Game - hosted by Chirag Mehta @ chir.ag

Falling Sand Game - hosted by Chirag Mehta @ chir.ag

I got a new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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runnin with the devil


how cool is this shit?!

in reference to the union square pillow fight

manianosmia: http://www.newmindspace.com/pillowfightnyc.php
Yarv: i know
Yarv: they did it in sf for valentine's day
Yarv: it made the top ten on espn
manianosmia: how come you didnt tell me!
Yarv: #9
manianosmia: FUCK NO CABLE
manianosmia: thats it right there
Yarv: (#10 was a cal basketball game)
manianosmia: HAHA


They are night zombies - sufjan stevens


east hastings - godspeed you black emporer

Im gonna start a new habit of just titling posts withthe names of songs Im currently obsessed with, since i never update the sides anymore.

So im wondering, why am i not an olympic snowboarder. Not only do they get DJ's to play music during their runs, their uniforms are wired for Ipods! And the guy who won the gold is a red headed stoner kid named the flying tomato who looks a little too much like joe.


Rector Street


IR filtered through the OC

yaledailynews.com - Global Conflict, here we coooooooooome


Reminder: Reapply for Student Aid Using the 2006-2007 Renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the Web

This is to remind you that you can reapply for student financial aid for the 2006-2007 school year using the Renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the Web at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

Which means, I got my reminder BEFORE i got last years loan.


saved by the sponge

Today spongecell saved me. I was meeting at a starbucks to interview a prospective college student. I was there and i realized i forgot her name, which would have been very embarrassing, considering im interviewing other people from her small private school. So i somehow remembered i could text "next" to spongecell and a minute later, all the details of the meeting were on my phone. Sickest!

And the interview was great. I asked her if she had ever gone away to camp and she said "i went to some camp, we lived in tents, it sucked. It was all hippie, they wouldnt let you wear a watch. But my mom was so happy, she said 'I had a vision of you running through a field with no shoes!' She likes to pretend shes a hippie, but shes a trusts and estates lawyer!"

i would reccomend her on that statement alone.

We must stop JP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, peopls worlds are very different. I consider spontaneity going to wall instread of fulton!"

Do you get it....its the same train!

chuck as a working man


Chuck: "my office is so like office space"
me: "*all* offices are like office space, thats why its popular!"
Chuck:"i thought people just liked it because its funny"
me:"thats why its funny"
Chuck: "Whoa!"

So cute.

never getting grades has that same zen quality as going to the driving range at Tilden when its really foggy.