saved by the sponge

Today spongecell saved me. I was meeting at a starbucks to interview a prospective college student. I was there and i realized i forgot her name, which would have been very embarrassing, considering im interviewing other people from her small private school. So i somehow remembered i could text "next" to spongecell and a minute later, all the details of the meeting were on my phone. Sickest!

And the interview was great. I asked her if she had ever gone away to camp and she said "i went to some camp, we lived in tents, it sucked. It was all hippie, they wouldnt let you wear a watch. But my mom was so happy, she said 'I had a vision of you running through a field with no shoes!' She likes to pretend shes a hippie, but shes a trusts and estates lawyer!"

i would reccomend her on that statement alone.


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