everythings cuter in canada

Again a testament to how law school has destroyed my soul. Granted this is with the caveat of no more tour and all, but my last two vacations (discounting chicago) have been to an island beach (thailand) and to a ski resorts (Whistler, as part of a longer road trip). Both of these experiences were amazing, but if you knwo me they go against *against everything i believe in*. Im a person who cant relax, who cant handle silence, yet i spent two weeks on a beach in thailand reading crappy fiction and getting a sunburn. So this time around, since everyone on the pgh was a little too lackadasical for me, I decided to roadtrip with frank from LA to Seattel for new years. Which was like winnign th elottery, a happy little bonus in that all the time ive known him, ive never spent that much time with him in a row alone, and it was awesome. he's the silliest ever, anal, but silly.

So after our chest bumping foosball victory in Seattle, I went to canada with Daphne. Vancouver is like everything I thought California would be when i moved there. Then we went to Whislter. And aside from being intimidated by the fact the mountain was about nine times higher than Killington, it was also a mountain without that entire "winter country club" asthetic of New England Ive always hated. It as just chill. People wanting to ski and coming from all over and enjoying everyone else. and we had an awesome rental apartment with a bbq and an outdoor hottub in the snow.

and now i want to go skiing at the less intimidating Bellayre.


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