SI.com - MLB - Yanks fan may rename FleetCenter after Jeter - Friday February 25, 2005 12:16PM

SI.com - MLB - Yanks fan may rename FleetCenter after Jeter - Friday February 25, 2005 12:16PM: "'That name may not be as bad as A-Rod,' Delaney said, referring to Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriquez, 'but it's still considered obscene.'"

terrible drunk

I need to stop gettign to drunk at law school functions. Its devloped a horrible pattern. While I value it truly as a tool of bonding and always wind up feeling better about school in general the follwoing say, there is always some casulty.

I think the crux of the issue is that I am entirely not used to being drunk around people i do not like. Usually Im drunk at shows amongst friends (and loud noise) and the most embarrasing thing i could do is confess my love/lust for someone. But here is an entire cornucopia of disdain.

While under sober light, my feelings are somewhat mean and dissapproving. Yet when IM drunk, i obviously find myself liking people more. And thats the good end of it all. But the bad end of it is that while my previous hatred now seems comical..i feel the need to reveal that. Or perhaps more correctly cine my default state it absense of self monitoring, I feel no need to hide it.


2 Skinnee J's

2 Skinnee J's


alameda \al-uh-MEE-duh\ noun

: a public promenade bordered with trees


vilas called lake trout the meta band

carla and i listen to riverport

and i just keep getting headier

carla n326: YES
manianosmia: "love to take a bath"
carla n326: not yet
manianosmia: im gonna pause
manianosmia: tell me when
carla n326: hmmm
carla n326: but they just couldn't wait
carla n326: here comes the joker
carla n326: where ar eyou?
carla n326: you can't be that far ahead
carla n326: lets start over
manianosmia: im waiting for you at "loves to take a bath"
manianosmia: HAHAHA
manianosmia: like its a place
carla n326: hehehehe
carla n326: heheeheh
carla n326: this is the best
carla n326: ok..wait for me there
carla n326: GO
carla n326: NOW


so just to let thr world know. I am somewhat back to normal, if not entirely. This is a combination of a bunch of things. Firtly time, and getting accustomed to school, but also a high level of reprioritizing.

I think mainly i realized that i didnt leave the state of new york for 4 months last year, and that couldve done it all by itself. sayreville, if it even happened, did not count. So in response, I decided to go away as much as possible this year. Which will not only keep me occupie, and allow me to see people i know are good for me, but will add to my mystique.

So this year my weekend have been:

chuck comes to visit - this may have been the turnign point. It was aweekend of pure comfort and chuck is now my favorite person.

I go to pittsburgh to see the steelers [lose] - of note is that they have ice skate with your mascot day and smiley cookie is involved, and arthi brings me to mee the fake sam.

I go upstate - peekamoose, how i love thee let me count the ways. One beef shirt rib, two beef short rib, three....

Superbowl weekend - ok so this one sorta faltered. Although i went home and went to the sherwood before comign back and watching the game with my lawyering section.

Go to albany to see brothers past with chrissy - i love brothers past now,but more on that in a moment. Reallyt his was an excuse to go through the motions of goign on tour, bond with chrissy, and visit the egg. which had ice skating in the plaza. please excuse me for a moment.
The real story here is the venut hat BP played in. Could possibly be my ideal. Top five (please dont get mad stone church and belly up tavern). The place was called Revolution hall, on the river in Troy, complete with snowfall and some old industrial lookign bridge. In addition, the place was everything you think new england, all old wooden building with brick painted a deeep bvurgundy. And oh did I mention it was the home to Brown's Brewery, which made a sick brown ale names....deep breathe here...Brown's Brown?!

Which leads us to this weekend. Lets just say that we've closed the bar down for the last 4 nigthts. Ther've been lots of visitors. Marc was in town since last tuesday, which means tons of dirnking, eating, and takign cabs. We went out on tuesday night to 151, my new favorite local bar. (we hope, after the demise of Nuez. 151 has some cachet since its right where that woman got killed. but then again, so is our house. So you caught me, its really about convenience).

ON wednesday We got wings and then went to the magician (everyone should check out its bathroom) with theresa, ben kartzman, pickle and matty. This evening was immensely fun, and these are the next two friends of marcs that i will steal from him. Specially pickle since she seem sot have some weird in at the law school.

On thursday, well this really should be another post entiurely, but I competed in the All UNiversity games, a fake olympics where every school at NYU competes in such things as tee shirts (NYU LAW, making NYU look good since 1835), dodgeball, and...ahem..sumo wrestling. As a result of this experience...I KNOW LOVE THE LAW SCHOOL. I think because i hated everyone sle so much more, especially Stern. And everyone hates stern more than us, and stern undergrad more that you can think is possible. ("you cant buy beer!"). And i took second place in sumo. I lost to the reigning champ from the wagner school (damn i repect that school)! And sexton watrched it all while david cheered for me to sweep the leg Karate kid style.

Afterwards we went to the SBA event, but every school came. this included: marc earnign the nickname small talker, me falling of the stool, encountering the wagner sumo girl, kissing a southern econ grad student, and probabaly much other stuff I dont remember.

So then on friday Yancy came to town, for the brother past/everyone love yancy cause he was dumped party. friday night was pretyt much your eneventful "everyone get trashed somwhere in midtown and then call each other gay" type of affair. Im makign that motion that qeeuen latifah made during the grammys right now if you could see me.

ON saturday we had a nice brunch and then I found myself drunk in the dressing room of a banana republic buying yancy clothes. This was largely successful and Im very proud of him. I learned about Ben Sherman, the new designer that mystifies me, as he makes dress shirts with snaps and apparently Eddie's jacket as well. The i went to dinner with marc, ben, and Av at my new favorite restaurant, vatan.

Then I went to the brothers past Cd rel;ease party, because ericalynn was in town. their motto should be "the antidote for law school" because they are entirely visceral and devoid of thought. Its a quite wonderful experience and in my opinion mirrors whats because of the scene here. this may be the year of the bp yet. But it was also somewhat of a social implosion in the way fillmore shows used to be. Which was all good and fine until erica drunkenly said some retarded thigns and the evenign ended with a sad yancy getting in a cab with pat colleen and a way too drunk brendan. Then me, areilla, vapes styles, and ira went ot meet marc and tess at dba and proceeded to close that shit down too.

2am now. so early.


Sitkoff: oh
Sitkoff: weird
Sitkoff: can't handle 4.8 its too much
manianosmia: HHAHA
manianosmia: best quote ever
manianosmia: from lacey
manianosmia: out of nowhere he says
manianosmia: "so ive been listening to lake trout on the way to work everyday for two months. I think im deranged"


New York Architecture Images-

New York Architecture Images-

Gene Davis

Gene Davis


RichDork Media and Music Reviews and General Pretentiousness

admittedlt the opposite of my aesthetic, but still funny


how jersey are you

i got 54% which only goes to show how similar LI and jersey are. And that i hate billy joel.


The New York Times > Arts > Art & Design > Barbarians (Well, Mostly Art Lovers) at 'The Gates'

The New York Times > Arts > Art & Design > Barbarians (Well, Mostly Art Lovers) at 'The Gates': "Mr. Yust, 65, is part of a far-flung group of followers of the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, whose latest public art project, 'The Gates,' is scheduled to open along 23 miles of the park's pedestrian walkways on Saturday. These loyal fans plot distant vacations, organize group trips and sometimes abandon jobs to bear witness to the artists' installations.

They are like the fans that long traipsed after the Grateful Dead, but with far fewer tour dates. "



how many Chicago economists does it take to change a lightbulb?

  • none the market will take care of it…
  • or, 7, 6 to hold all the other variables constant and 1 to change the lightbulb.


i chose the wrong profession

london tube map