chuck concurrs

Sitkoff: i REALLY hate jersey though
Sitkoff: everybody is so mean
Sitkoff: every fucking person
Sitkoff: yeah i will never go back to that state
Sitkoff: hate hate hate and more hate
manianosmia: AHAH
manianosmia: why what happened
Sitkoff: people are just mean as shit
Sitkoff: for no reason
Sitkoff: but the 'hoagie' place is pretty fucking solid

last night at brooklyn social club

so i worked the coat check at tribeca again last night, then went back to brooklyn with ariella

-eddie, my new unattainable crush who works at a venue, was the bassist of 2 skinnee j's
-the random guest player with a wife with dreads who checked her coat was from SCHA
-4 people check their coats. 2 of them were brendan and chris lacey. brendan tipped me. it was hte most demeaning moment of my life.
-but i hung out with chris lacey and now hes my friend. maybe.
-then we went to br0oklyn social club and curried the favor of the ruffalo look alike bartender (ivan) by ordering a really dirty vodka martini, a pesto soprasetta, and a hot todi. then we got free beer. then he let us watch the bar and i played bartender and asked what someone wanted and they wanted something i didnt know.
-then the guys were hitting on us and trygin to get us to come with them and he told me about felix gonzales torres and how his art was a contract legal obligation to keep a stack of paper at acertain height! that is the cooles thting i ever heard!
-and then there was almost a fight.


we all hate torts

manianosmia: Li
manianosmia: comparitive
manianosmia: car accident
manianosmia: california
TingerCee: I remember, the bad asian driver ase
TingerCee: case
manianosmia: HAHAH
manianosmia: its one of my faovirtes becase: i love tha ti left california because i hated its communism and the most representative aspect of that was that pedestrians in berkeley didnt even look when they crossed the street, they just expected cars to take care of themto take care of them


apparently mediocrity is really as liberating as they said it was


Which restatement would you want to sleep with?
Dave – 335 assignment of joint oblige
Me 355 – punitive damages

So by then we were in hysterics.

I mean the 330’s are pretty hot, with all that discharge of an obligor stuff (338), unless of course 331,partially effective , or 353, loss due to emotional disturbance. And of course, one we actually use, 356 – liquidated damages and penalties.

(to be fair, we’re not really that crazy. It all came from us saying liam was a restatement whore since his last review session sucked)

Meanwhile, at some point tonight I was upstairs on *phantasytour* talking to other 1Ls, meanwhile jim and dave were downstairs and manages to find two practice problems int eh christabel episode of family guy.

All we do is talk about family guy. We are so tempted to go into the exam and say “are you sure you mean 86, webb v mcGowan, liam? Are you sure you don’t mean…nothing?” well, except dave, who’s just going to turn every question into how he got suckered into an extra 100$ per month rent.


from my real life

"'Im up for whatever whatever' and 'no other comment from me' are both
unacceptable answers to the question 'what day should we go to Buffalo,
and for how many days should we book a hotel?'

Let's try this again. Choose A or B for both number 1 and number 2.
There is no penalty for guessing, so if you dont know, choose an answer

1. When should we go to Buffalo?
A) the day/night before the game
B) the day of the game

2. When should we leave Buffalo (and return to Pittsburgh or
A) sometime after the game, that afternoon/evening
B) stay the night and leave the following morning

Joe's answers: 1. A 2. A
Mick's answers: 1.__ 2.__
John's answers: 1.__ 2.__
Jaimee' answers:1.__ 2.__

Unless we get snowed in at ANDES! sick.

I will entertain all tourist and/or boating activities and suggestions."


the anti gazelleg

so last night i went ot dinner with erica and jazz who were visintg, along with brendan and two other biscuits people i didnt know. my basic opinion is tha tthe shouldnt let law students out during finals. on the train ride there i was re reading erie cases adn getting off. its all i really want to talk about. my comfort zone is getting really small. I couldnt talk to real people, nonetheless brendan in a situation where he was being nice to me.

so then by the time i went home i needed some comfort. so it was either brooklyn or make jim come over. So i went to study at DTUT. When we were walking back to my house we were passing all the people going out and i realized its not that studyign bothers me because i dont have time ot go out, its that i feel every day like im further away from being able to relate to *people*.


The Becker-Posner Blog: misc.

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November 28, 2004
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phish is the best band ever

seriously. im listenign to the providence campus club show. not only is this a show with DINNER AND A MOVIE, DIVIDED, MOUND, FLUFFHEAD (yes)

but they explain the secret language
"it would be funny when some guy dcomes into a random show and everyoen suddenly falls down and plays deaqd and hes left standing! i rememebr when i ffirst heard it and that was hte most brilliant idea, not only in form but in context. liek what kind of bands do that with their audience?! what have i gotten myself into?!

"you should tell each other or put it on a tape or something so i dont have to keep explaining it"
god i love assholes.

Jambands.com | Columns::David Steinberg | How the Internet Destroys Jambands | 2004-12-01

Jambands.com | Columns::David Steinberg | How the Internet Destroys Jambands | 2004-12-01

ive been reading for the past 14 hours. we had our last contracts class today. it was a let down compared to the heights to which weve all travelled. i tihnk we all study to much to learn anything anymore.

i went to lake trout. it was obviously awesome. i brought tess and kris with me.

the oc makes me feel really good.

today during studying i equated scalia's decision in the boyle death trap case to my waking up after my balckout. "no wonder my hand hurt. i actually wrote something substantive".

i cant talk to anyone anymore


least gay ever

if there is one thing which more than another public policy requires, it is that men of full age and competent understanding shall have the utmost liberty of contracting, and that their contracts when enetered into freely and coluntarily shall be held scared and shall be enfored by courts of justice