photo project

My fave feature (only feature i careabout) on my new cult o mac laptop is the camera, so ive started ducomenting the descent into madness.

At bar bri. i couldnt make it through the entire class that day.

Fort! They brought in all these boxes and I constructed an elaborate fantasy in which i would surround myself in a womb like box fort with a small opening for coffee.
Im so neurotic that after i finished biting off all my nails, i proceeded to attack every pen I had as if it were the enemy.

Link is looking over my shoulder and wanting me to do something. Liz is currently experiencing post traumatic stress that we actually beat Zelda.
my firm is so weird. Im amazed they actually remembered to send me somethign for the bar, but it included hot chocolate for two that for some mythical reason was shaped like an ice cream cone.
I now unabashedly wear my studio headphones in public.



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