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Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » The Next Oscar Contender From Matthew McConaughey: "7. Goats: Oscar sh*ts himself over goats."


i lucked out with my roomate

Gimbel's Manager: Why are you smiling like that?
Buddy: I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite

somehow i totally lucked out with random craiglist roomate. I was watchign elf today and this line was cracking me up. she came in and saw the dvd and just said that.....


just like maryland

So every so often there seem to be things that just dont work for me. they are small, but they come to embleize alot. The first one was my inability to go to maryland with out car accidents, stages collapsing,a dn other assorted terrors. Another famous one is tyrign to ship sams boxes. twice. 4 years apart.

The newest one is that i am entirely unable to send mail to myatt. its cursed. Over NYE, he left his prox card for work in my room, so I had to send it back. Firstly i tried to go to a post office in lancaster, and got lost and almost ran over a horse and carriage (those things camoflague into nature well, and nobody expects a carriage). i gave up and left. then philyl was obviously a no go since you cant turn around without getting almost arrested. So then i was back in NY. First it was New years, so po was closed. The next day i went to PO near old office after eye doctor appt. Apparently it didnt exist anymore. Then i walked al the way across chinatown, and the PO was closed because of carter remeberance. But i hadnt known because the first one obviously didnt say. So it became this thing that i coudlnt do, and poor andy had to wait three weeks while being treated like an illegal alien at his job...

So i shoulda known when i decided to make him a birthday present. I did an awesome job. 8 rap cd's, a mix cd, and two pens. Then i never mailed it, always meant to at school, and jsut never got there because i kept getting distracted after class. Didnt want to trek to post office here because im always near one at school. So today was the day. I consciously tore myself away from after class meandering and declared i was goign to send package. I walk over to post office and its closed. WTF, why! its midday friday! theres a sign. It says that the manager of the post office DIED yesterday and it was closed in her rememberance! I mean CMON!* Andy thinks he is in some way responsible.

Daphne said "you know you really should just let me mail it, it would be safer for all of us"

*ultimate legal argument

the absolute funniest thing ever


Above the Merger Waves, Going Under....

me: i need a title for my paper
thats my total weakness
3:40 PM JP: welcome to being a law professor daphne says
me: that has nothign to do with that
JP: daphne says $10 if you can work the word "teal" into it
me: its one of my three historic weaknesses
titling, foreign languages, and basketball
i had yarv title my econ paper last year
and she gave a shout out to it being the best titles one in the class

8 minutes
3:49 PM JP: hrm ok
that's exciting
call it "goat molesting ass fellating wankers: how you SHOULD be doing antitrust"
me: i think im going to put the following words in a hat
"merger, wave, incipiency, teal, dynamic, competitor, analysis, goat," and see what comes out

After debate, we came up with Surf's Up!: Helping Enforcers Catch the Ultimate Merger Wave