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more on trilemma

JoeSoHeady: which sounds, in some ways, *better* than a dilemma
JoeSoHeady: because you have more options
JoeSoHeady: (or worse because you have more options)
manianosmia: well isnt a dilemma like two bad things?
manianosmia: althoguh i see your point
JoeSoHeady: no two options of which to choose
manianosmia: diopprtunity
JoeSoHeady: lemma is neutral
manianosmia: A situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive
manianosmia: It is sometimes claimed that because the di– in dilemma comes from a Greek prefix meaning “two,” the word should be used only when exactly two choices are involved. Nevertheless, 64 percent of the Usage Panel accepts its use for choices among three or more options.
JoeSoHeady: yeah two unfavorable things
manianosmia: yeah theres definatelya negative connotation
JoeSoHeady: so trilemma is pretty weal
manianosmia: like an opprtunity cost type thing
JoeSoHeady: weak
manianosmia: thats why its funny that they used it
JoeSoHeady: yeah!
JoeSoHeady: hah
manianosmia: it amused me for a good twenty minutes
JoeSoHeady: polilemma !
JoeSoHeady: nooooooooo !!!!!!!
manianosmia: HAHAH
manianosmia: "you're just fucked"
JoeSoHeady: all choices suuuuuck !!
JoeSoHeady: unilemma ... just gotta face the shitty facts

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And now, the seven words I thought I would never

"Can you forward me the Biscuits URL?"

Thanks m'dear.


i hate carla for this distraction

Place The State - Intermediate


"the lead industries holding that the eps may not consider costs in setting NAAQS presents a *trilemma*"


\Tri*lem"ma\, n. [NL., fr. Gr. ? (see Tri-) + {?} any thing received, in logic, an assumption. Cf. Dilemma.] 1. (Logic) A syllogism with three conditional propositions, the major premises of which are disjunctively affirmed in the minor. See Dilemma.

2. A state of things in which it is difficult to determine which one of three courses to pursue.

Need to note that I feel deprived that there is not phish. Deeply deprived. Not only ecause there are no shows now, but because if there were showsa now I would spend the entire time off in some head trip analogizing jams structure to legal arguments structure. And it would be awesome! Think of that, an entire new universe to intellectually masterbate about phish jams with. I mean I spent ten years and never exahausted the possiblilities of graphing them, imagine what the world could have been. *sigh*.

For example, I was just tryign to explain why i like the teachign style in admin so muhc, an di actually told them it was like the 7.23.99 BOAF atmospheric jam...

MeSoYancy: so many fun things to do with law and jamming, and no one around to let you try it out


we're upstate and the water is out. gillian and vicki "im gonna by the school and reanme it murphy's law after me" just went out to pee, came back in, and declared they had squatters rights.


The Onion | Cost Of Living Now Outweighs Benefits

The Onion | Cost Of Living Now Outweighs Benefits

Regulate overtakes Arco Arena as my baseball entry song

Im working on my life maxim. heres a first pass:

Let people have provate property. Let people do whatever they want on said property without impinging on the rights of others. But if there is a certain thing in which private ownership and action is utterly inefficient (telecom, highways), turn it over to the public and let me regulate the f*ck out of it.


top five classes

1. bargaining theory with volij - "wanna cookie?"

2 (tie). regulatory economics with borts - bascially my profession

2. stewarts admin class - i mean its a regulatory law class, taught by the father of the profession, who also happens to love economics and environmental law and was the slightly libertarian head of the EPA under Bush. I mean, come on. its liek the wonderboys of my academic experiences.

2. the automobile and american life - i planned romantic getaways based on our syllabus. seriously. Cape cod cottage motels anyone?

5. korz's high school european history class - because to this day and thorugh all days, the defenestration of prague and the pugacev rebellion are hilarious. and he taught me how to color within the lines. that bastard.

honorable mention -
1. the bible as literature, for pure shits and giggles. absolutely no academic value whatsoever.
2. logic - the universal recipient of love
3. philosophic history of economic thought
4. lawyering. seriously.

the epa defends the rights of crab sock fisherman everywhere

The inequity, it is asserted, is further exacerbated by the fact that local populations in the southeast are much more likely than others to rely on subsistence angling for an inexpensive source of protein.


J. Seward Johnson's "Taxi!", Midtown Park Avenue

J. Seward Johnson's "Taxi!", Midtown Park Avenue


Office of Information and Regulatory Policy (OIRA) Home Page

Office of Information and Regulatory Policy (OIRA) Home Page

my new dream job.


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