satisfactory, superior, excellent

so along with my loving law school thing, ive come to the realization tat we proabbly are, like hulsebosch said, the happiest law school. Today in class i got called on by sgtweart when i was absolutley not paying attention. So after stumbling i gave my answer, which was apparently the wrong answer. I was wonvinced by him that i was talking about the wrong case, and up on IM flashes corey, with the right answer. Though the catch is *corey is not in my class*. Corey's friend, who sits behind me, had told him to IM me the answer. how sweet.

and then, i actually got my only good grade, on one of the little assignments. The greates thign is that his grading scale is satisfactory, superior, excellent. get it? excellent is better than superior. we think its a latin thing. Mick said that it was funny for a place that cares so much about words.

and david and I joke about standing up in richards class and saying "you have taken away my will to live" and then having him blamed for causing suicide.


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