if you try to get a bird to fly away so you can see its wings and flight and it doesnt it is unflappable.

signs of the apocalypse

Carey loves hip pop. because it just sounds good. and fits into her california surroundings. i mean, she likes skeet skeet skeet

I hate talking on the phone now. Joe called and i didnt have anythign to say. and i told him so. and he stuggled to keep me on the phone by whining about his relationship. and the phone call lasted only 26 minutes.


Yesterday we went to get a cup of coffee and i asked my male friend how he liked his and he said "darka dn sweet, just like my women". And i said " i like mine white a bitter, just like my men". And then i realized that was true....


from the nyu admit listserv

I'm not very familiar with New York, and I'm searching for off campus housing. I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of apartments available in Harlem for very reasonable prices. What is the reason for this? Is Harlem a horrible neighborhood that I should try to avoid, despite the cheap rent? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks!


new england tour

This weekend ive been raging all over lovely new england. I came to realize that everything north of new haven gives me nostalgia for college, as if new england cities are one continuum. Or i drove around that much during college. both are somewhat true.

There were all these things i said to myself about the northeast while i was in california, and happily they were all truer than i remembered. I would think about how everythign was so cloase and htere were so many places people could live and so many places to see shows. During this past weekend my plan was to see bethany in brookline. I wound up goign to nashua for a night to see the blonskis (and cookies chuck wagon), then to boston, then back to NH, then to worcester to see a biscuits show (yeah, i know), then back to nashua.

Another thing that was obviously true was the entire seasons thing. But Ive realized that the true joy of the seasons is that its a huge gift that mother nature gives you 4 times a year. Every season change is so overwhelming and so wonderful. Even though i like winter better than spring per se, spring isnt any less exciting....


another career involving case studies

This morning, and i mean morning cause it was 6:30 AM, Lisa and I went on a birding outing in the Buffalo Creek Important Bird Area (IBA) for a story she was researchign for WYEP. We learned alot about warblers and lousiana thrush and turkey vultures (aka buzzards, aka your *common* vulture). And the killdeer, a bird that fakes being gimpy to lure predators away from its nest.

I of course somehow managed to turn this into a trip about industrialism, land use policy, and photography but what else do I really live for nowadays anyhow?

-Three Rivers Birding Club: What's New


Po’Boy (poor boy) - A New Orleans -style sandwich (fried oysters, roast beef and gravy, soft-shell crab) served on crispy-crusted loaf bread (French bread). In Cajun Country, the best ones are stuffed with fresh, fried seafood.

where we left off

Ive spent the past three month performing a huge life experiment with provincialism. I moved to pgh to live the dream and subsequently stopped answering the phone, lost my blog, and lost touch with my analytic reality. Upon reflection the other day, I realized our life had been a series of small obsessions to pass the time. In fact, thats what life always is, and the blog was my place to remember it.* So, time to leave pgh, continue my life, and start a new blog.**

That said, a quick refresher of themes:

industrialism, modernism, judaism, soccer on VHS, klonopin art, alcohalism, scarface, classic rock, photography, NPR, crocheting leg warmers, hipster music

*I did actually have a little pad of paper, college style, but it was sacrificed to my perfect moment of thunderstorms, nola jazzfest, and dear mr. fantasy.

** I need to not continue with the "world of suck" name because i am now friends with the person from whom it was borne.