So its 1:20 am and im writing a merger white paper and raging the hampton phish shows. I didnt know it was possible to simultaneously think "How did my life go so wrong?" and "How did my life go so right?".


from the nyt article on phish, speaking about coventry: “If there was ever a concert that represented a band smacking into a wall, that was it,” Phish’s drummer, Jon Fishman, said. “I think that was one of the great train wrecks in live concert history.”

In other weird phish reunion nostalgia:

I was going through my files for taxes and cleaning. I was shredding old credit card statements and found one:

Statement date 10/3/00

3 charges.

1. southwest tickets to sandiego for sam and I.
2. 2 Phish tickets
3. Howard Johnson airport hotel in las vegas.