me: why is this city so prone to watermain breaks
i dont get it

Joshua: lots of BS getting flushed


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Ive now convinced one of my coworkers to my pessimistic view. He just emailled me:

Let's go to South Africa and buy some gold. Just in case I need to relocate to mexico I can use it to buy a shack and live on. Also we are going to need fire arms.


someone else thinks the new tropicana is a travesty


most relevant paragraph ever -

The Springsteen ticket debacle came during a busy news week in the ticketing world: Live Nation experienced problems during its new ticketing system’s first major test — the anxiously anticipated Phish comeback tour. And earlier today the Wall Street Journal reported that a possible merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster could become final as early as next week. Responding to that possibility, Springsteen told fans it would be “returning us to a near monopoly situation in music ticketing,” which he and his team oppose.


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They were just interviewing Troy Polamalu about his hair and asked if hes a different person with his hair down and he said "Once i was in the grocery store and my rubber band broke and I saw this woman and her baby and I just tackled them and left the store in handcuffs."