Most dangerous city? Ranking says Camden - U.S. Life - MSNBC.com

Most dangerous city? Ranking says Camden - U.S. Life - MSNBC.com


Continental Drift - New York Times

Continental Drift - New York Times

Some here feel that the study of the humanities at our universities has been damaged by the incursion of deconstruction and other French theories.
That was the gift of the French. They gave Americans a language they did not need. It was like the Statue of Liberty. Nobody needs French theory.

TRIBECA ROCK CLUB - one more time, with condos



postmodernity is lost on the law student

today we read a land use case where a guy is turned down because his building doesnt fit in witht he neighborhood. When they describe the neighborhood, they say "across the street there is a gas station that looks like a gas station".

daphne sadly noticed the lack of electricity in the room and proposed we construct a ponopticon.

give me back my phone
im a bounty hunter
why did you lock us out

Blue 9 Burger

you can order animal style here, but it come out as medeival style on the receipt

mr t. GPS guide.

from now on i will just laugh at the strike

from Washington Square news:

In the second week of the graduate assistant strike, with frustrations running high and no resolution in sight, Gallatin junior Josie Rosenberg is thrilled.

“I got the gift from God,” she said.

Rosenberg’s “Spoken Contemporary French” class was canceled by the graduate assistant teaching the class when the strike began. The GA told the class that she would be striking a week before and that there would be no class.

“She only speaks in French so it was hard to get the whole story,” Rosenberg said. “But I’m pretty sure she addressed the strike [in class].”

The department said they would provide assignments on Blackboard for students to complete during the strike, Rosenberg said, but no material was posted on Blackboard as of yesterday. While Rosenberg said she was relieved that she didn’t have class, other students in the class were disappointed.



what is cult asked my friend reesa.

This seems entirely apt now because I taken all of my previous efforts with phish and channeled them into obsessing over angel. I even bought on e of ht emock scholarly books on the subject (which gleefully recreated mike davis's analysis that LA is, in fact, real). Anyways more on all this later but i wanted to say that i used to define cults linguistically. like when you start using language form them in applicaiton to normal life. (an udder ball grew out of my head).

So just now I was talkgin to theresa on the phone about watchign the episode "soulless" (4.11) later on. I was at hoem and didnt want to watch the ones before. So i said "callme at 11". Like it was a time?! Angel time.