from MNF steelers v ravens

His parents are so proud "he went to brown, graduated from brown. What the hell is he doing jumping into the neutral zone?!"


manianosmia: we bought peanut butter capn crunch
bananacabanaman1: THATS AWESOME

manianosmia: whats your favorite cereal
bananacabanaman1: I used to be the cereal columnist for our college paper
manianosmia: HAHAHAH
manianosmia: are you serious!
bananacabanaman1: so I have many
manianosmia: thats the awesomest
bananacabanaman1: yeah....
manianosmia: tell me more
bananacabanaman1: I knew all the ins and outs of the cereal world
bananacabanaman1: but I burned out of that scene
manianosmia: HAHAHA
manianosmia: whats your opinion of grapenuts
manianosmia: you could be an expert cereal witness
bananacabanaman1: it's best microwaved for about 40 seconds
manianosmia: whoa
manianosmia: with the milk?
bananacabanaman1: yes yes!
manianosmia: oh man
manianosmia: im so about to do that

bananacabanaman1: usually Grape Nuts market share is like 70% people over 40, so I'm not suprised....
manianosmia: they were trying to define a cereal market as "stays crispy in milk"
bananacabanaman1: of course!!! bastards all of them

manianosmia: so what other cereals do you like
bananacabanaman1: oh man psyched ::rubbing hands together::
manianosmia: HA
bananacabanaman1: long time favorite of mine is Cinnamon Toast Crunch of course, also Basic 4 I like a lot
manianosmia: oh yeah
bananacabanaman1: Special K,
manianosmia: thats my 3rd fav
manianosmia: toast crunch
bananacabanaman1: heck even Lucky Charms if I'm slummin and in the mood and comin down from a sid trip or suimthing
manianosmia: HAHAHA

bananacabanaman1: nice
bananacabanaman1: total I have mixed feelings on
bananacabanaman1: I went through a Cookie Crisp faze in college
manianosmia: ah
manianosmia: not my scene
bananacabanaman1: yeah, those were weird times....
manianosmia: HHHAAA
manianosmia: can you define periods in your life by cereals
manianosmia: the carefree days of fruity pebbles
bananacabanaman1: "The Total Years"


Jotabauer: how do you know washingtonienne
Jotabauer: and please don't say phish tour

week in review

fun week. just want to remember it.

Last weekend went upstate fri-sun. time for the apple harvest. 9 barrels of apples and i made heady apple butter and pies and played tennis in the hail. thinkign about going as global warmign fro hallowween in a bathsuit and winter coast, with sunglasses and am umbrella.

came back on sunday and met chuck in the city. he came up for the night to go tot the faint show. sickest night ever. Drinking and wings> me dropping off C &S while drunk so i wouldnt go to claqss the next day> camel cigarettes sincity tour, complete with burlesque strippers and pole dancers. and Take me to the hospital. going to indie rock show with hippies was greatest ever. me chick and carla had a dance party going. came home and ate warmed up pie with butter pecan ice cream.

Mon- went to work and then met kathy at alice tully for kelley's recital. they played petrouska, which is a fucked up postmodern story and it was fascinating.

tues - i think we watched lot of angel

wed - i think we watched more angel

thursday - had weird meeting at work with dan rubinfeld as a guy we were hiring. realized i slept on the rapture show on friday and stopped by mercury to beg von for tickets. wound up hanging out, getting free drinks, seeing decent band that bino happened ot be lighting. actually very fun evening. tried to explain katzs to people who didnt speak english and kept petting my head for yarmulke.

fri- theresa took me to im sorry/new job dinenr at azul with boady and sis. lots of meat. then went over to bowery, found ourselve on will pay with two hours to kill. met boady at bar " a firend of his moms owns" which was right next to tim robbins and that sick new bar. bought sketchy whiskey at a plac eon delancy and then watched an episode of angel while drinking. then back over to show where we're suddely on guestlist for free. drink, watch rapture, which was 19 times better than last but stil worst band ever. but they made the noise of tess's fictional instrument so that was sick. then hung out with jmerry and ben and jen and drank till 5.

sat - studied all day at lotus. new fav place. then went to fun as hell lawyer wine and cheese party that daphne and jp threw. got belligerently drunk. in the elevator jp told me to lay off the crack and i said that if i did i wouldnt be able ot handle law school and guy in elevator laughed and ran for cover. met josh and 15 people, all went to bar. very drunk again

sun - woke up and needed an episod eot cure hangover. went to lotus with tess. then decided ot get wings, which wound up being 9 person banquet with lot sof good investment humor. fun fun fun.


Jotabauer: sickest
Jotabauer: get this
Jotabauer: apparenlty they are allowing to Outlaw people
Jotabauer: to walk next to me and yell at me
Jotabauer: while I walk into the interview
manianosmia: no seriously
manianosmia: thats awesome
Jotabauer: I'm going to wear headphones :-)
Jotabauer: it's going to piss them off so much
manianosmia: what willyo listen to
Jotabauer: I don't know, I think Daphne is putting some wanker music on
Jotabauer: like Dave Matthews
Jotabauer: it's her mp3 player
manianosmia: HAHAHA
manianosmia: thats awesome
manianosmia: you should listen to something that hates gays
manianosmia: like jedi mind tricks or something
Jotabauer: haha
Jotabauer: that would be funny
Jotabauer: but I don't want to die


memorable quotes from a non blogger

me; "you only love me for my roomates"
marc: "and i was your roomate. and marc loves marc! So its all full circle"

me: "I made some awesome apple pie"
chuck" i didnt knwo that was in your skill set"

yancy: did you here that magner drowned foundos?