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OAG tee-shirts now for sale

Product Description
Classic cotton T-Shirt that looks great and feels even better. Wear it out for a jog in the morning or out to dinner with the President. With a T-Shirt like this even the President will ask "Where can I get one of those babies?"

Comes embroidered with the State Seal in color, free of charge!

100% cotton. 100% fun. 100% OAG.


Jotabauer: shoes?
manianosmia: haha
manianosmia: i love shoes
Jotabauer: yeah
Jotabauer: but what occupies all your space?
manianosmia: i don tknow
manianosmia: ive never figured it out
Jotabauer: ooh ooh me me
Jotabauer: stuff!
manianosmia: haha
manianosmia: HAHAH


OAG Picnic in Central Park 2005

OAG Picnic in Central Park 2005

Hick Bacon frame

Hick Bacon frame: "Gatton Farms Dan Philips Secret Special Cure Bacon

Artisan: Gatton Farms
Tasting Notes: This is my own, secret, private cure. Only Charlie Gatton and I know the recipe.
I set out to custom design the perfect bacon and I think this is it. It has an incredible balance between sweet, hammy pork flavors and salty, savory flavours. The flavors are intense and the meat is succulent.
A bold new bacon that stands up and says 'Eat me!'"