pictures of people in new london with their soon to be not houses

Institute for Justice: Private Property Rights Cases: New London, Connecticut

Urban Dictionary/recursion

Urban Dictionary/recursion: "1. recursion
See recursion."

Urban Dictionary/heady

Urban Dictionary/heady: " Heady
An adjective describing a trait of certain strains of cannibis that causes their user to experience or perceive increased or enhanced cognitive activity or ability.
'This is heady bud--I can't stop thinking about recursion'

'This is heady bud--I can't stop thinking about myself thinking about recursion'

'This is heady bud--I can't stop adding defintions to UrbanDictionary.com'"


and while im reverting to a jock/film buff, i dont even notice going to 5 concerts in one week. it may rival Oct22-31 1998. ok maybe not but...

(and i even forgot about the first one)
Sat: Siren fest, fre at coney island, feat Ambulance LTD, VHS or BETA and matty's new band.

Mon - 2 skinne j's reunion on the boat! yay eddie eyeball!

Tues - road trip to PVD to see Cake at lupos with dad. (the sailing)

Sat - Road trip to Balti to see Big in Japan (via DC.)

Sun - Zen Livetronica 2 with JM2, BP, and ah moshi

for reference: oct 1998 was doc watson, biscuits at wetlands, toria amos, depeche mode, phish in vagas for halloween.

runner up 4/22-5/3 2002: jj cale, lake trout, jazzfest, midtown music.

7/2/01 - saw biscuits, other ones, sts9 , and a rave in one night, then flew to colorado.

today: lugers lunch, cheeseburger, spinach, bacon slice

then 800 meters in the hamilton fish pool

then willi wonka...instense

manianosmia: i love a band called the coral
manianosmia: that defies descriptiong
Jotabauer: ok
manianosmia: they sound really familiar
manianosmia: but you dont know why
Jotabauer: hahaa
Jotabauer: like it's always been there
Jotabauer: that's ounds kind of creepy
Jotabauer: makes you worry if you were abused as a child and you forgot or something


The Queens 50 - A Pre-Gentrification To-Do List

The Queens 50 - A Pre-Gentrification To-Do List: "40 Stare industrial decay in the face. Fools imagine the real view of the city is from the arching roadway of the Kosciuszko Bridge. But true New Yorkers know what�s below is what really counts. The ole Koz is one of the most beat-up stretches of road in the city, and a view of the ancient, rusting pilings (best seen from Calvary Cemetery below) is a true dystopic freak-out."


i am watching a lady in spandex hula hooping with 20 hula hoops to hot topic by le tigre on MNN. eveyrtime she drops it, she spanks herself


i kayaked to another state

talk about intense

lake trout - the wall of sound is becoming less porous every day