The New York Times > Business > SBC Finishes $16 Billion Deal for AT&T

The New York Times > Business > SBC Finishes $16 Billion Deal for AT&T: "'AT&T was America's answer to Communism, serving everyone's needs,' said James E. Katz, a telecommunications historian. 'But neither Communism nor AT&T is suited to capitalism in the 21st century. Like other once-dominant players, when the technology changed, it couldn't survive.'"



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Adrian Kanat"


manianosmia: 24 is like a sick long jam. The same issue just exists at different level of tension for 9 hours. Like wihtin CTU, the entire thing is them secretly hjelping jack over and over again. But its ok cause its just like onebig long jam. You just have to go with the flow

tonight i sent an email from myself masquerading as a lawyer to a fiicticious person. And it was a reply.


snow bunny trustbuster

thats me. or at least who i am now that im feeling better. Been reading a lot of crappy magazines. THink its hilarious how they have one sentence recap, always with exclamation marks, that say things like "linsay lohan drank a coffee!". Then ariella got me Midwest Living ("lifes richer out here"), with a feature on the UP. And there fwere little profiles just like Us magazine. Bob really likes snow! Mary doesnt feel ok unless its freezing! Betty only likes painting the colors of the frozen lake! I realtes so much. Tothe sentiment an dhte exclamation marks.

So today I applied to a job with the NYS attorney general's office, antitrust division. In case you dont know, thats spitzer's gig. Laugh, and laugh hard. My real plan is to look for firm jobs/urban planning in pittsburgh, since it would be easier to get a payign job or cheaper if i didnt. And of course its pittsburgh.

Im in pittsburgh right now, to watch the steelrs game and hang out. Theres gonna be a blizzard. I went ice skating today anfd tomorrow is skate with your mascot day. I can go skating with the Smiley Cookie. This is like a dream come true.


In this article, we'll look at how the 1st and Ten system works.

must be in a better mood


borntorun424: I will call my group Muffin, so we can be Muffin covering Cake covering Bread





manianosmia: concert on friday is local indy rock
Sitkoff: solid
Sitkoff: i am an indie rocker
Sitkoff: unless you mean rock from indianapolis
Sitkoff: cause i'm down with that too


erin said id love this and was right