Mike talking about growing up in Texas:  "Here's football.  It's great.  You're not."

He also managed to convince me that the mystery quasi bondage figurine that came with rudolph was legitimately "carmine the christmas cat burglar.  duh."


best thing i heard today.

I am obsessed with the title "football night in america". Daphne just told me that there has been a state sponsored "Hockey Night in Canada" for 35 years on the CBC. Then we had an international hug.


Daphne: i really hope you regain your sense of smell just for a day so you realize how crazy you seem

fitzcarraldo is the zeitgeist

my dad told me about how he spend the entire day moving some pipe that had caused the house to floodin its malfunction

"it was great i was all in the mud wading around with my hands in the mud. i was like one of those people under the boat in fitzcarraldo!"
"thats so awesome, i wish my life was like that. was some crazy german was yelling at you while you were lying there dead? oh wait, that is my life!"
"it was so bad, you know how when youre down there it really smells? oh wait you dont. good bye"

in other days news, we have really really sentitive speakerphones. sometimes ill answer mine and the music wil be on in the background. john called today and i was listening to phish and it was crowd noise and he said "wtf? do you just play a soundtrack of people cheering for you while you work all day?!" i am very into this idea.

and lastly i told liz about how sometimes i get in this mood where i manically lov everyone and then i cant go to bed because im too happy about humanity. she offerred to make me a happy jar to put by my bed at night that i can put my happy in to go to sleep.


How to confuse holiday party photographers

"ok, whos dating? who works together? who the hell are you?!"


too old to drink coffee and pull all nighters

me: wow
i cant see straight
e: why not?
12:01 AM me: because things are moving?
"correlation does not imply causation, asshole!!!!!"


since my away message was "less layoffs. more hugs."


my home without me